Lyke Wake Walk Challenge 28th June

Hi All,

Myself, Martin G7MRV, and Bob M1BBV, will be walking the Lyke Wake Walk Challenge on June 28th.

We are doing this 40mile challenge across the North York Moors to raise money for MAG, the Mines Advisory Group, who work around the world to clear landmines and Unexploded Ordnance, returning the land to safe agricultural and educational use. A key part of their work is landmine and cluster bomblet education, to help reduce the number of children killed or maimed each day by conflict debris.

We would love SOTA chasers and activators to support us with a donation or sponsorship. This can be done at our JustGiving page here

We had intended doing this carrying a HF manpack, but the logistics for a two man team mean it would be unsafe to do so. Instead, we will endeavour to activate the two SOTA summits on the route G/TW-001 and G/TW-002 using 2m FM, and possibly 2m SSB

We would love your support!

Martin G7MRV

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Just a quick update on this (and of course a bump to put the sponsor link back up!)

After some consideration of pro’s and con’s and weight factors, we have decided to go with just 2m FM for this. It means much lighter kit and a far simpler Bergen mounted antenna!

I can also add that we have an ‘approval in principle’ from Ofcom for a pedestrian mobile Special Event Station! -

I put forward a proposal to operate as a special event along the route, with a maximum route deviation of +/- 50m, and provided Ofcom with a very long list of grid references (essentially every single point that the route made a turn more than a few degrees), plus a list of proposed bands, modes and power levels. This has been approved in principle, and I am just waiting now for confirmation that they are ok with the operation being just 2m FM at 5W, and with a short 2km detour section on the route.

So all being well, on the actual day even if you dont work us on one of the two summits, you may work us somewhere on the route under our special call! (callsign to be confirmed!)

There may also be some other unique aspects to this, such as the use of an ‘Honesty Box’ log! - we wont be able to log contacts easily whilst on the move, so might rely on the honesty of those we work to log the contact on our page. QSL cards will have to be paid for by a donation, so there should be little incentive to cheat!

We also now have a blog running recording our activities leading up to the day of the walk - LWW Blog

Oh, and the sponsorship page again :innocent: Just Giving page

More details to follow!

Martin G7MRV

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