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Lucrative Lake District days

That was a long but successful day out! Left home at 6am, got back at 10.30pm. About to have very late dinner.


The four I did were enough!

This might be next.

After your walk yesterday I’m very impressed with the word next….

It is next. Alerts are in for tomorrow.


You’ll be on your way now Richard on quite a tough day… chasers like me will be listening. I hope you like the experience of Threshwaite Mouth in between Stoney Cove and High Street. Just a few boulders, shouldn’t be a problem for you. Good luck!

Phil G4OBK

Good luck with the walk. I don’t know if I am getting soft in my old age but I found Helvellyn followed by Seat Sandal from Thirlmere quite enough without adding Fairfield or St Sunday to the route - I suppose on the plus side that leaves St Sunday and Fairfield for a nice wander in the autumn…. I’m on taxi duty today for middle daughter so no chases in slow CW sorry….but at least this will probably be less stressful than “The roundabouts of Darlington” as a passenger with a learner driver - a tour which judging from No 1 son will raise my heart rate to the same level as when completing Striding Edge… 73


It was a good day. Started slightly damp but ended up a glorious day. The very bottom of Stony Cove Pike is a bit annoying but it’s short lived and not too bad. I was behind schedule when I got back to the car after High Street but I motored up Red Screes in 35 minutes and managed 10 QSOs and got back to the car on schedule. I enjoyed the lie in this morning!

Thanks for the chases Phil. Your 20m signal on Red Screes was quite raspy. At 143km it’s beyond the radio horizon so I’m not sure what propagation was involved.