Lovely weather for testing 40m Wouxun & home brew

Hi All,

Activation Report for GW/NW-054 Penycloddiau:

Decided early in the week that I would test the new Wouxun 699E and my Homebrew 1/2 wave Wire Dipole on an easy summit. so this was chosen as its on the first 12 of my hit list and only a 1 pointer.

Set off with plenty of time to go slightly in opposite direction to enjoy a Bacon&Egg Butty at our favourite breakfast place " Let’s Eat Cafe on A49 close to Northwich". Fresh cooked and wonderful hospitality.

Fully nourished we headed back towards home to pick up the M56 and then A55 towards summit. Richards TomTom car park spots from his site always tend to take you the scenic route and we were on real welsh country roads in no time. in fact back lanes no wider than my XYL’s Micra.

Arrived in time but took it easy up to summit as this was also a walk of the hill aswell as an activation. arrived 11.10 and set up Perch Rod with 2m Beam in Vertical polarization at top and 4m Wire dipole at half mast.

Cup of Tea and off I went! 70.450 shouting , no answer oh! please someone come back to me??? Then GX0OOO/P from LD-022 thanks John evidence my new toy was working. only 3 more contacts on 70mhz but GW4EVX gave me my 4th to activate summit, thanks Ron!!! ( Still very sorry for mix up on index numbers glad we sorted it out!!) tried 2m FM and just as quiet ended up shouting for a while then got a gentleman in Anglesey MW0SEC thanks Les for coming back to me.

Overall a quiet activation 4 contacts on 40M including 3 (yes 3) S2S very pleased and 2m FM makes 5 contacts total from Penycloddiau.

FOR ONCE I CAN REPORT WX WAS SUPERB !!! Sunshine whole time and warm enough to leave my hat and neck gaiter in bag!!

Thanks for the contact from all , Logged on Database as usual and this makes it my ninth summit activation, so getting there slowly.