Lost part of my antenna

Hi all,
This morning I avtivated DM/BW-018, Blauen
Just as I was about to pack my stuff, two visitors came asking what I was doing … and of course I gladly explained.
But after that , and in a hurry … I forgot to take my counterpoise wire (grey wire, 4m long with a horseshoe clip)
So if anyone is activating there soon … it’s somewhere behind the bench, at the pile of rocks that are behind the watchtower. Have fun, I don’t need it back, I had a spare one in my car, but of course didn’t take it on my second summit. But on the third one, all was back to normal … good that I didn’t forget my KX3 !
Had enormous traffic problems after the first summit, so I skipped Hohe Randen, and went to Schächer. There, someone had forgot his/her glasses, I don’t think it was a ham, since there were no spots for that summit, else than mine.
Still a fun day with sunshine all over and many s2s … cu all at the QSL wall tomorrow (well, some of you …hi)


A bit like me Luc… Yesterday on OE/VB-509 operating with Herbert OE9HRV I left my logbook behind.

We arrived 3 hours later on OE/VB-511 to discover this… Within 5 minutes Herbert OE9HRV appeared, on a breathless mission of mercy to return my logbook!

Thank you Herbert!

Phil & Herbert on Hirschberg OE/VB-509 yesterday:

See you at the show and the dinner tomorrow - the Gasthof is fine business.

73 Phil