Loss due to polarisation error

…as I alluded to many posts back. Slant polarisation has a problem if widely adopted.

What is needed is a massively upscaled metronome movement. Take that to the summit, mount your pole to the movement and then have your antenna sweep back and forth covering all possibilities.



My fibreglass pole / 2m-J-pole has been auto-slanting in the high winds recently with angles dependent on the wind gusts. Here’s an idea: if I captured the angles in real-time, sent that data via a back channel, the other op could motorize the slant of his antenna to synchronize with mine. Oh, but what about the back-channel antenna slant?


I see no reason why it should be widely adopted. For a home station it is much more sensible to have antennas available for both polarisations: two beams, a single crossed yagi or a horizontal beam plus a white stick, which is what I have. The only problem occurs if it is widely adopted for activating, and that is only likely to become a significant problem if there is a widespread renewal of interest in SSB - which at the moment seems unlikely no matter how desirable!


Now you ARE being silly… surely the best option is to mount a rotator on the pole to rotate the antenna boom at say 50 rpm and have the coax run through the boom to feed the driven element via a slip ring arrangement. :laughing:

If only you could electronically vary the polarisation…


I’ve heard the “turnstile” antenna described as being a dipole rotating at the frequency of the signal being transmitted… mount one of those in the vertical plane it’d be going faster than any rotator could spin it :rofl:

@M1BUU Colin, here’s your challenge for something to build on the summit for when you do your 2x Mountain Goat activation.