LoRa APRS Tracker (Part 2)

Cheers Dave. As I am only planning on receiving and squirting APRS packets to the APRS.fi site, I won’t be needing a NOV.
Who knows, maybe in future I might decide a digipeater is the way to go.


That would be great John. LoRa APRS connectivity in the NW of England is a bit sparse at the moment, An iGate on the tip of the Wirral Peninsula (CH46) would be great for Snowdonia and possibly up to the Lake District ?


I’m up in the Lake District next week and will have M0JKS-7 strapped to the back on my rucksack (in a more robust case this time Ross) to see if it gets picked up by GM3SMT-10 (Near Oswestry) or if the TX/RX iGate in NI (GI4XSF-10) picks me up.


I’m activating Skiddaw Friday which is 930M so there’s a good chance.


It’s working well Frazer.


You been stalking me :slight_smile:

LoRa board ordered via Ebay - Once arrived I can config and connect via my external discone scanner antenna as a test - be prepared for more questions

I don’t get that many miles over coverage on 2m APRS but the antenna is in the loft.

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It was 5w ERP Dave.

I confused Mo today. She had dinner ready 20 minutes before I came back. My phone died and she couldn’t work out which one was my location! I think she was looking at a historical location of the Land Rover.

MB7UAZ, MM0EFI-10, MM0EFI-9, MM0EFI-7 and MM0EFI-2 all appear here


Listening on 433.9125Mhz I can hear data burst but not sure if this is LoRa APRS or not.

Frequency is 439.9125MHz


Of course. Whoops my bad - cheers.

LoRa32 arrived today. I thought the pack was too small. Then when I opened it, I realised how small it was!

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This was actually one my questions so you can use the APRS firmware on a Meshtastic device, what are the benefits because Meshtastic devices are more expensive

meshtastic does firmwares not boards… so you can use almost any board to run meshtastic and more and more boards are getting also APRS over LORA

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Just seen that your LoRA digipeaters have disappeared and a 2M Digi-IGate is on air, I will see if it can hear me in a little while, will LoRA be making a comeback?

Dunno what happened there. It’s all back up now. I was playing around with the iGate - powering it from Solar.

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There is some way to display more than one symbol at the same time from one location without overlaying, although I have to admit it has been sometime since I’ve seen it being used

You can change the GPS co-ordinates slightly. I have two - MB7UWS-10 (iGate) and MB7UWS-2 (digirepeater) and they are not colocated. I have configured the JSON file with different GPS co-ordinates so they don’t overlap on the map.


Typically I can’t find an example, but what used to happen was if you had more than one repeater and digipeater iGate in the same location then if you tried to click on one then all would fly out on green lines/spokes so you click on the one that was of interest

WX and Gateway unselected
WX and Gateway selected
This is what I meant one picture is of a WS and Gateway unselected and the other is them selected

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I went to Beacon Hill (Bardon Hill’s little brother) this morning, but unfortunately, I couldn’t ping MB7UWS on 2 M. I looked at the O.S map and then remembered I had driven up that hill to your (M0JKS) south last year so a bit of a block but at least you seem to have good 2M coverage to the north.

It still does:



Just for info, the LoRa coverage for tracking any SOTA activators in North Wales and the Welsh Borders is much improved, with Igates located to the West and North of Eryri (Snowdonia). The ranges achieved by activators using these Chirp Spread Spectrum 100mW mini trackers is amazing. Mine weighs 120g (battery included).

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