Looking for two Easy summits together in HB and HB0.

Good evening everyone.

My nephew DO5AL and I would like to plan a fast trip ( one long day ) from Strahlungen Germany (JO50cg) to one easy summit in HB and HBO.

We think HB0/LI-012 looks good. We are also considering HB/AR-005.

WE would appreciate any better suggestions. THANK YOU.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.

This is the classic simple HB0 summit Mike.

My report on HB0/LI-012 is here

I combined it with OE/VB-525 to have two new regions.


In the general area, another option is HB/SG-064 / St. Iddaburg – a drive-up 1-pointer with a chapel and a restaurant on the summit.
– de Paul HB9DST

Thank you all for the suggestions. DO5AL worked out a plan, about 1,000 km round trip. He was formerly a truck driver and he knows the highways there.

This will be Associations # 13 and 14 for me, associations # 5 and 6 in Europe. It will be associations # 2 and 3 for DO5AL.

NOW… we only need to pick a day. Thanks once again.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC
Strahlungen, Germany.

We will be coming tomorrow.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.

Watch for us.

I wanted to come back and thank all who participated in this very successful operation. The trip was over 1,000 km and through 4 countries in 18 hours. We left at 0500 and returned at 2300. It was a very long but very successful operation.

On the summit for HB0, we arrived at the top after a pleasant hike. We chose positions a bit apart and I was about to get on the air when my nephew Andreas-DO5AL walks over and tells me he is done. I ask why. Antenna is still in the car. So I completed my initial run on 40m, and with enough contacts to qualify and no other calls, I let Andreas have my antenna. SSB worked like SSB, but he managed several contacts and a few S2S contacts too. Being in a hurry to get to the next country/summit, we packed and ran quickly down the mountain to the car and started to the next.

Operations in HB9 went better. There was a restaurant at he top, and the car was only a few hundred meters away. I bought a big coke and dragged a chair under a tree and set up. Andreas was across from the parking lot on a bench. I did CW only, Andreas did SSB only. I was able to work 40m - 30m - 20m until there were no more calls I could hear.

One note. CW speeds are mighty impressive over here. If you called me and I just called CQ again, try getting a little closer to my speed. You did impress me. You also didn’t get the contact.

Again, thanks to those who helped in the planning, and to all the wonderful chasers. I wish I had made a photo of Andreas’ face when his pile-up got going.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/ and HB0/ and HB9/KD5KC.

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Hi Mike,
I’m glad you found my suggestion of HB/SG-064 St. Iddaberg useful, and thanks for the S2S QSO, as well.

Perhaps we’ll meet up for an eyeball QSO at the QSL wall at noon on Friday?


No sir. I have been to Freidrickshafen before. I do not need any radio equipment, and radio is not my only hobby. If you check my QRZ photo, you’ll see a few JEEP photos. My last major outing here will be to the Abenteuer & Allrad Messe. Ham Radio is an international world, off-road adventure is much less shared across continents. Perhaps one year I’ll go to ham radio, just to say HI and have lunch. But not this year. We will keep coming to visit as long as my wife’s mother is alive.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.