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Looking for two Easy summits together in HB and HB0.


Good evening everyone.

My nephew DO5AL and I would like to plan a fast trip ( one long day ) from Strahlungen Germany (JO50cg) to one easy summit in HB and HBO.

We think HB0/LI-012 looks good. We are also considering HB/AR-005.

WE would appreciate any better suggestions. THANK YOU.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.


This is the classic simple HB0 summit Mike.


My report on HB0/LI-012 is here

I combined it with OE/VB-525 to have two new regions.



In the general area, another option is HB/SG-064 / St. Iddaburg – a drive-up 1-pointer with a chapel and a restaurant on the summit.
– de Paul HB9DST


Thank you all for the suggestions. DO5AL worked out a plan, about 1,000 km round trip. He was formerly a truck driver and he knows the highways there.

This will be Associations # 13 and 14 for me, associations # 5 and 6 in Europe. It will be associations # 2 and 3 for DO5AL.

NOW… we only need to pick a day. Thanks once again.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC
Strahlungen, Germany.


We will be coming tomorrow.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.

Watch for us.