Looking for EU DX

Hi all,

I’m activating VK1/AC-038 tomorrow at about 0600 on 20m and would like to see if I could work EU stations only using 5w and link dipole, conditions permitting.

I haven’t work EU from a summit before as my activations are normally around UTC change over, it would be great if I could a least one contact in my SOTA log.


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Conditions looked to be good this morning:



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Hi Adam,

Good luck with the DX contacts from Tuggeranong Hill. Yesterday the DX path was long path south-west.

If you can monitor 2m 146.500 with a HT listen out for the local VK1 & VK2 chasers.


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Hi Adam,
Well you did it. I heard your QSO with Klaus DF2GN/P and you got a good report from him. His job involves tree climbing so getting 25 m up to hang a dipole is normal for him! I think you also got at lest one G chaser. Worth the trip.


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Hi Adam,
Pleased to have worked you this morning on 14332. Condx were changeable with deep QSB so it took a while to get the report right but glad we made it.
I wonder if you were running the 5W and what was the antenna height.
RIG here was a TS480 at 180W and wire Vee antenna 2x 54m.
73 and CU from more summits
Peter OK1CZ

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Peter, thanks for the contact.

My setup was only 5w out of a FT-817 with a linked dipole at about 7m roughly pointing LP EU.

There was a little QSB on the EU signals. I worked 2 x G, 1 x EA1, 1 x OE7 and best of all a S2S with DF2GN. The S2S was the best part of working the EU stations.

I think for my next outing on a summit to work OS DX, I think having a few more watts would make it a little easier for everybody.

Thanks to all today for being patient with making the contact as there was a little QRM on my first freq I picked to work on.


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Hello Adam,

"…I think for my next outing on a summit to work OS DX, I think having a few more watts would make it a little easier for everybody. "

It would help ~ but your 5w did a good job and thanks for the QSO.

Best wishes

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Hi Adam,

thanks nice summit to summit QSO !! another one around the world :slight_smile:
and a new record for me :wink: VK1/AC-038 → DM/BW-845 = 16489km / 10245miles.
your 5watts doing a very fine job. your sigs are solid 55 with a bit qsb.
absolutly no problem to copy you. your audio sounds fine, do you use the stock mh31 mic ?
maybe i will buy another ft-817 for some short activations or for summits i have a longer walk in the activation zone :wink: in most cases the 5 watts doing well on cw, in ssb on higher bands also no problem, only around 2s units less than 12volt powered 100watt transceivers…

heres a photo from my antenna used today. no good quality due to the smartphone cam. its a two band linked dipole for 20 and 40m. you see one side with the 40/20m link and the insulator at the end of the 40m part…


vy 73 and thanks again nice s2s, also THANKS to all takers on my actiavtion.

hpe cuagn soon, Klaus DF2GN/P

next try to work vk next week, have to work till tuesday now

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Hi Klaus

Thanks for the nice pic, it look pretty high up compared to mine, I forgot to take a pic of my setup but my other 2 summits I activate on Monday 04 August my father (VK3GFS) took some pics and video for me which he might put up on his YouTube channel.

I have worked EU LP from VK6 on 20m back in Easter using the same setup but I wasn’t on a summit, just in a friends backyard in Perth.

Yes I was using the stock mh-31 with the back switch in position 2 with the FT-817.

I’ll try and listen out for you on 20m next time your on a summit at home.