Looking for autumn on I/LZ-004 Monte del Passeggio

Yesterday, together with my friend Guido we decided to take a trip to a very beautiful area of ​​Lazio, the Monte Ernici where we hoped to find the first signs of autumn. In fact, the climate here in Rome has been very hot until now, and in the last few trips the trees were still all green and it seemed like an endless summer. The destination we have chosen is I/LZ-004 Monte del Passeggio a beautiful mountain of 2064 meters. which is located in the Frosinone area. From Rome it is about an hour and a half by car to reach Prato Campoli where we parked and started the descent.

To get to the summit we walked for about 2 and a half hours, it is about 900 meters in altitude and the route crosses beautiful beech forests. At the top I installed my station with the Elecract KX3 and a longwire antenna supported by a fishing rod. In all 23 qso and two S2S with @IK2LEY and @HB9CYV

In the Ernici mountains we found the first signs of autumn, the trees began to lose their leaves and to have the beautiful yellow / brown / red color that characterizes this season. On the way back we also climbed Monte Pizzo Deta 2041 mt. but in this case it did not have the Sota reference.

With a circular route we returned to the car for a total trek of 10.24 km. Overall a wonderful day, ended with two ice cold beers at the first bar on the way to Rome.


Hi Andrea, thanks for the S2S. I have already found autumn!
73 Fabio


Thanks Fabio, i love autumn colors !!

73 de IW0HK Andrea