Looking for a guide in Northern Italy

I will be traveling to Europe in March. I would like to activate a couple of summits in the Milian Italy area. I was hoping there is someone in the area that I could tag along with. I don’t have the exact dates yet but we will be there in late March.



If a guide is not forthcoming reach out to me as Andy (@MM0FMF) and I, did a couple of peaks north of Milan a few years back on the way to Friedrichshaffen and it was all quite doable for a couple of foreigners soloing the roads, tracks etc with in car GPS etc.

This one was almost a drive up…we operated while sipping coffee from the local cafe on the peak.


Good luck, spectacular country.



Last year I was in Ticino in March to collect Lowland Summits. Depending on the winter, many summits may still have snow on them, which makes things difficult.

Two beautiful summits to hike I found HB/TI-147 and HB/TI-149. I did them both in one day and parked my car at 45.90256, 8.93354.

HB/TI-101 you can get to with a mountain streetcar. There is a cable car to HB/TI-102… and I/LO-244 is a drive up.

One of the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland at all is from Monte Tamaro HB/TI-131 via HB/TI-132 to Monte Lema. There is a round trip ticket for both railroads and the bus back. But for this it will probably still have too much snow.

Hope to chase you - 73 - Armin


As far as I know Fabio @IK2LEY lives in that area. He is very active as an activator … you should contact him.

73 Martin, OE5REO

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Hi Kent. I live 10 KM north of Milan. If you want info on the summits around here, just ask. Specify if they should be drive-ups or if you want to go hiking.
73 Fabio

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Thanks for the info!

Kent N6WT