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Looking for a FT-817nd service centre in the UK

Hello All,

My FT-817nd unfortunately does not transmit on CW/AM/SSB anymore, although it does so on FM (across all bands, so this does not seem to be a frequency thing). Could I please have some suggestions on where to take or send my little rig in the UK?

Thanks in advance!




Jan, this sounds like a microprocessor problem, so before you spend any money on it, have you tried a reset? The reset procedures are on page 76 of the handbook. If you can’t lay your hands on the handbook (they tend to vanish!) the master reset is to press HOME and Power ON at the same time. This will lose all that you have in the memories and reset it to the shop condition, but it may cure your problem.

Hello Simon,

Thanks for that, I’ve fired them off an email - hopefully they respond.


Hello Brian,

That’s an excellent idea - I will try it out. I downloaded the manual in PDF format from Yaesu, and did a ring-binded printout (I’m a bit over-keen sometimes…). I’ll do that and test again.


Mine wont TX now. I just climbed up my local Munro and the bu**er will RX but not TX. Luckily I was able to work 9 on 2m FM which was nice.

Factory reset time I think.