Longevity of images here...

Quite a few images get uploaded to messages here, and I expect they eat up a fair bit of storage space. I’ve noticed older threads giving 404s for images within them, so I assume some sort of pruning is taking place. Is it a simple matter of “images older than X years get removed”, or do other factors come into play (and if so, is there a not too arcane description of the process we can read)?

Cheers, Rick M0LEP

It’s generally people hosting pictures off-site where the remote image has disappeared. We don’t do any pruning of images here that I am aware of.


I have to admit down sizing a few extra large images at times when someone has been “Appled” and their iPhone image comes out sideways or inverted. I’ve pulled them, rotated them and deres’d them then put them back in the right place to save space. I always resize and compress my own images, typically 20Mpixel jpgs down from 10MB to 250kB.

If I have read the admin page correctly, we have 41GB of uploaded and 9GB free.

I welcome this thread because I also have the impression that some images got lost at some point when we migrated from the old Reflector to the current one, isn’t it?
Old activation reports I published back in 2014 have apparently lost all the images they had in them. See this one as an example:
Mt. Txorrotxarria EA2/NV-014 by EA2IF/P on 14/09/2014 - Activation Reports - SOTA Reflector

I contacted Jon G4ZFZ by PM some time ago about this issue and he handed it to Jim @G0CQK, who kindly wrote me what you will see here below,
Missing images from old threads - SOTA Reflector

but I haven’t heard anymore after that. It looks like those images may be definitely lost.



The old-to-new reflector change would certainly account for many of the missing images I’ve noticed. I still have copies of some of the images I put into past posts, but the old messages affected by image loss are past their edit-by date, so I can’t re-instate them.

Unless my mind is playing tricks, the previous reflector didn’t support images.

You are right on this.
As Jim G0CQK wrote to me, “the method of handling images has changed dramatically with Discourse software upgrades” and this seems to be the reason for some images being lost.
If those old activation reports could become edittable back again, I should be able to put those lost images back on, as they are still in my HD.
Do you think that’s something feasible?