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Long term pre-planning?

VY 73
Jarek, SP9MA


A little bit after uniox epoch @32bits

But a long time to pre-planning…


Yes, you can see time starting to run backwards as 1300 is after 2000.

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I’m wondering about this entry.
I deleted it in the alerts.

Sorry es 73, Uli, HB9CGA

Uli, some jokes give us more fun with this hobby.
See you on the bands :wink:
VY 73
Jarek, SP9MA


We have discussed this topic previously:

73 Heinz

I entered that alert through the sotawatch website, so there must be some missing checking on the input.

The UTC time and the summit are what I entered. As much as I can see of the frequencies-modes in the screenshot is also what I entered.


I opened my alert to edit it. It shows the date as “04/02/2201”. That is the correct month and day, so maybe I fat-fingered the year as I was rushing out of the house.

I’ve updated the alert so it is correct. And in the past, now.


I followed your link, and checked out the DEVO link provided by Andy that helps explain the phenomenon. It all makes perfect sense now.

Most likely, it was typo error.