LogOM new release

The latest release of the free logging software Log4OM version 1.18 with more SOTA functionality is now available for download here:


Eham reviews are here:


Full user guide can be downloaded and one to one support, which is also free, is available on the Log4OM forum here:


73 Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team

In reply to G4POP:Got it:
Thanks. ( Still waiting on a Large Freq read-out on the Front page… Top right where the Blank area would be great. That small Frew read-out is killing my Old Eyes.
Thanks Dow (W4DOW)

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Hi Dow,
Patience is a virtue, just think how much more you will appreciate it when you eventually get it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

73 Terry G4POP
Log4om Development Team

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If I’m NOT Blind by then… Already giving me eye stain and head aches
As I am retired and in bad health now I spend a lot of time each day at the rig.

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As an interim measure have you considered using a virtual serial port splitter, with Log4om sharing the port with FLRig?

This would provide a large frequency and mode read out without sacrificing any of the Log4om features.

If you need help with this send me an email.

73 Terry G4POP
Log4om Development Team

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At this time using LOG4OM and Two HF rigs Setup one TS570S and one TS590S my HP 6330f Desk top has all USB pots loaded. with Rig controls and one on CW port on the 570S all my USB ports are loaded and the poor HP is almost to the point of overload. As I am retired now with bad health I do spend up to 8 Hours a day ot more at the rig. Guess I will put up with the small freq readow out. If it where I cant stand it anymore guess I will Reload HRD as it does have a nice big readout for Old People to see.

In reply to W4DOW:bye the way if anyone ever sets up a
TS570S on LOG4OM under CAT the Settings for the 590S works best.
For me they did with no problems

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You don’t need more ports the VSP is a software port connector, in fact you could use the VSP as a connection for some of your equipment that currently uses physical ports and free up some connections.

Terry G4POP

In reply to G4POP:Interesting

In reply to G4POP:I got flrig setup and working.
Problem it comes up on the screen in the same position ever time.
I Can Not Move it… as in Click on the edge and drig into another place on the screen
any thoughts on hoe to get to move across the screen… I tryed to drag it many times with NO luck
Dow (W4DOW)