Login ID

Is it possible to change a login ID. With M3CVU, 2E0CVU, and now M0TVU it would be better to consolidate all under M0TVU. I know the database logs the callsign and not the login but everytime I post anything it posts under 2E0CVU.

QRZ.com used to have this problem with logging on their logbook software but they have now fixed it. Can the SOTA gurus do the same?

Regards - Paul(M0TVU)


Simply register a new SOTAwatch account under the M0TVU callsign. The Database is separate and, as you say, accepts whatever callsign you use for the activation anyway.

I note on the Database you have separate accounts for 2E0CVU and M3CVU. There is no need to do this. All your Database entries can go into a single log. The actual callsigns used for each activation will be preserved, but all your scores will add together, and show in the honour roll as M0TVU.

It isn’t the SOTA gurus that need to fix it, it is you :wink: But we will help along the way if you require.