Logging in problem

I’m automatically logged into the reflector but seem to be logged out of Sotawatch3 and Sotlas? Passwords/usernames don’t seem to work? Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve noticed that the Remember Me option no longer works for sotl.as and SOTAwatch3. I have to sign in each time, but my login does work.

Bizarrely Sotlas lets me spot without logging in! I have tried a password reset but that doesn’t work.

There are only 2 accounts now. The reflector and everything else.

If you are logged in to SOTAwatch you are effectively logged in to everything else as well. That’s why it is known as SSO Single Sign On. If you only have SOTAwatch open in a tab and open the DB in another tab you can actually see the DB home page start to load, the login happen and then the home page finish loading. On SOTL.as it is slightly different. The login happens when you click the login button but if you are logged in to any of the other sites (SOTAwatch, DB, Sota maps) then the login requires no input. Otherwise you enter the username and password.

Unless you change your username or password, they never change. So if you could log in yesterday and cannot log in today then it is something you are doing wrong or not doing that is the cause of the problem.

If you rely entirely on the browser to remember your login they you are not being very bright, Sure it makes life easy but if you do not know your username and password you’ll be stuck when the browser automatic login fails. All you would do is enter the details and tell the browser to remember it but if you don’t know the details you’ll need to request a new password. And if you don’t know your username then you can’t get a new password without MT help. So don’t rely entirely on the browser. Use it but don’t rely on it!

A login is valid for 30days max. After that you have to manually enter the info again but your browser can do that for you so you many not see that happen.

In your case Paul, you still have a valid login session but you haven’t used it since 28th June. Probably you have rebooted your PC or restarted your browser. The SSO system knows there is a vaid login and should your browser provide the magic tokens, it will continue to work. SOTL.as cannot spot without providing a valid set of tokens.

If you cannot login and we assume that you have not added or changed any privacy blockers or such on your browser. then you are using the wrong username and/or password.

If you request a new password and you don’t receive it then one of the following is true;

  • you did the process wrong
  • you used the wrong username
  • you registered with a different email than you use now
  • you use a crap email service that has decided the password reset mail is spam AND DOES NOT LET YOU REVIEW THAT. It just deletes it.
  • you didn’t check your spam folders properly

If your email provider deletes emails without letting you see them then we can help you get logged in again. But help yourself and get an email service that works properly.

If you have a gmail.com address then the password reset will work. 100% works.

Browsers are very buggy, horrible pieces of software. If it wont remember your login then it could be some new anti-tracking feature or more likely a previous but corrupt saved password. Clean them all out and try again.

You are such a charmer.

You would be surprised the number of people who have no idea what their login credentials are Richard.

Some simply misremember what they entered. Easily done.
Some make no effort to remember them.

The problem is browser auto completion takes makes it trivial to save them and it’s brilliant till it stops working. And stop working it will. So people need to learn to use it with caution.

One of the things you always have in the problems inbox… someone who cannot reset their password.

People enter a username that is not their callsign then for some reason decide to use the callsign for a username and it wont work. If they have a safely saved record of their credentials they can fix their mistake themselves.

Best one ISTR was a gentleman who couldn’t log in and when asked said his username was his callsign. It wasn’t, his username, that he selected himself, was “WorldsSmartestAmateur”. Obviously wishful thinking but sadly not the truth.

Fixed by requesting a password reset on my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy so yes Android, yes I use Google, I was one of the first google mail aka Gmail users, yes my email address is either googlemail or gmail both come into the same mailbox Not sure why the password reset would not work on my pc however!.

I keep highly trained monkeys gainfully employed in IT departments, I break IT regularly! I have generated so many 0.365 conflicts I am on first-name terms with the peeps at Microsoft!

I use Norton 360 …

Don’t mention GitHub to me, I broke it! For a whole day! SQL nah, Python dear god no! I’m not a technophobe, honestly.I like it when something works, JS8Call is the coolest piece of software that I use, actually, the Sota Mapping Project got the WOW! award from me yesterday!

Explains everything.

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I can’t fault it, I have used Norton for years