Logging Error, or worse?

When I activated Hailstorm Hill (G/SP-009) on 21st April, I recorded a summit-to-summit QSO with MW0EIQ/P on Y Garn, GW/NW-004. This has not been confirmed on the database and there is no record of Y Garn being activated on that day. Neither is there any record of M(W)0EIQ doing any activation on 21st April. I hope that I’ve got some details wrong. This isn’t the first time that a cross-check has failed to confirm a S-to-S QSO. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

Regards, Dave, M0DFA

In reply to M0DFA:
As far as I can see M0EIQ has not updated his activations since January 2007
I worked him from GW/NW-003 21/04/07 which has not been confirmed also.

73 Graham

In reply to M0DFA:

Also can confirm two QSOs with Richard on that day, one when he was /M on the way home. I believe he activated NW-004 and NW-003, though I missed him on the first one, but Richard G4ERP bagged him.

73, Gerald G4OIG