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Log in database

DL7URB asked me to look at my log into the database. I can see someting vrong! There is no more date column in all my logs.
What’s happen?
Best 73
Andre f5ukl

Try logging out of the database and logging back in and see if the problem is still there.

My data still has the date column.

73 Ed.

Hello Ed
Thanks for reply.
Of course, I deleted several times the log, I write it again and the problem is still there.
All my logs are without the date column.
Best 73

MM0FMF “My Activator Log”

MM0FMF Log for 04/Dec/2016

F5UKL “My Activator Log”

F5UKL Log for 03/Dec/2016

The layout looks identical to me. So where should I look for the problem?

Thanks for your reply
I was on F/PO-264 on 18/11/2017 and 19/11/2017
The activator log about this sota mentions only one date.
Do I have to make a log for the 18th and another for the 19th?
thank you for your reply
Best 73

If you loaded it via CSV yes as explained in the help page link which is displayed every time you import a CSV file.


Thanks a lot for this info.
I’ll do it at once.
Best 73