Log for F6HBI/P activity

Hello falks,

Many thanks to all for the Qso.

For each of my Sota activity, i send the Log on

LotW Logbook of the World
and also
e-qsl eQSL.cc - The Electronic QSL Card Centre
for e-Qsl, i create a special Qsl Card with the photo of the summit i was on top.

I was wondering if any of you are looking at this e-qsl,
and also, if anybody looks (on google earth for instance), or is curious about
what the summit looks like?

I have activated 43 Summits and i must congratulate:
9A7W who contacted me on 30 Summits
S51ZG, DL1FU and G4SSH (both on 28 summits).

73’s from Gérald

In reply to F6HBI:
Of course i 'm interested in your eQSL.cc ;-))
Thanks for you, i also create a special QSL card for each SOTA event, ablbum and movie to make SOTA friends show what the summit mooks like.
Watch my last video: F/AM-580 - Montagne de la Baume - YouTube
73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
Je remonte le sujet. Tu peux constater la réponse … ;-))

In reply to F6HBI:Only managed 17 of your summits Gerald and thanks for those.
Also many thanks for your E-qsl’s which I print off and encapsulate for my collection. CU on future summits 73’s John

In reply to F6HBI:
Hello Gérald,

Yes, I enjoy seeing your eQSL’s. First of all because it’s nice to see the summits you were on, but also because your SOTA cards make a welcome change to all those standard impersonal eQSL’s I’ve already seen so many times. And yes, I use Google Earth and Google maps to get an impression of the summits. When doing that, I sometimes feel guilty realizing the efforts required to give us chasers the points. With everything in my house on the same floor I even don’t have to climb the stairs to get into the shack and earn those points.

73 es cu next summit,

In reply to PA0WLB and others,
Thank’s for your answer that i appreciated.
I shall carry on like i use to do, and try to make better, as long as i know it is not useless.
William, dont feel guilty, you cannot imagine the pleasure i have
when, on top of a summit, i make a Qso, even if sometimes it is a
bit difficult to reach.
73’s to all and cu on next summit
F6HBI Gérald