Log conversion *from* SOTA format?

ADI2SOTA is a great program, but I log on paper and enter my QSOs directly into the SOTA database. Now I realize people do QSL me and I don’t have a proper ADIF to create labels in order to QSL back. Is there a SOTA2ADI conversion tool around that I could use? Guess I could do something in Excel, but I don’t want to invent the wheel again if possible.

Wishing all a nice weekend,

Anders SM0HPL

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Proadikon PROADIKON Log conversion is able to do that. Beside many other input formats it also accepts *CSV and *TXT.

Bernhard DL4CW (actually watching this weekends WX forecast)

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In linux my adifmerg can do that and other things too


73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Thanks Bernhard and Jaakko!

Both Proadikon and adifmerg seems to be extremely useful tools. For my immediate need adifmerg did exactly what I needed and right out of the box - as simple as: ./adifmerg -f sota_log.csv -o > sota_log.adi

I’m happy!

73´s SM0HPL