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LM10SOTA good sigs on 1.840 & 3.573 FT8 this morning. I did not see what summit was active. Tried to spot but it does not seem to be possible to spot without a reference ???
Anyone know which summit was active?


There is no Alert for an LM10SOTA summit activation - and they usually alert, so this is a little strange. Did you get the Maidenhead locator - it might give you some guide as to what area the signal came from. If LM10SOTA is using FT8 V 2.00, I’m surprised they haven’t been able to include the SOTA Summit reference in the exchange.

Perhaps they were using the special call sign from home, not from a Summit?


Hi there Declan

When LM10SOTA is active from a summit then the /P suffix is used. The callsign is also used for chasing and as a special event station at times to mark the 10th anniversary, as it was today. Today was also a bit of a test to check out FT8 V2.00 and it’s ability to have long callsigns. As DD5LP noted I would have included a summit reference and called CQ SOTA if it was a SOTA activation.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the FT8 QSO.

By the way, there will most likely be a SSB activation with LM10SOTA/P some time early tomorrow, and probably a last activation some time, either late on the 31st or in the week before, depending on WX.

LB4FH / Kjetil

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HI Ed & Kjetil,

thanks for the info and happy to work you on FT8 Kjetil, will look for the /P in the future. Excellent lowband signals.


Very nice to work you as well, and fun to get some FT8 in with the celebratory callsign, we only have it for about a week more :wink:

I worked from the LA4C group station, some photos here: Chasers: Show us your Station