Llangollen - summit recommendations

Hi fellow operators, I shall shortly be of to complete the Llangollen Round walking challenge over a couple of days, and would like to spend my free evenings activating the local summits.
I have picked out GW/NW-042 & GW/NW043 as the closest & possibly the easiest, but what about GW/NW-053 Moel Gyw seems a less activated summit?
Is this suitable for an evening activation, or can you offer better summits?

Stuart. G1ZAR

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Moel Gyw is a lovely summit for an evening of radio. One of my favourites.


I agree with Richard. Moel Gyw is a lovely summit for an evening activation with pretty good take off on 2 metres.

Karen 2E0XYL

I also concur with Richard;

See my recent Activation of it if your interested, Moel Gyw GW/NW-053

Moel Gyw is easy to descend in the dark, however the field at the bottom has a gate in the far left hand corner which can be problematic in the dark to find.

NW-042 and 043 are particularly great on a proper mountain bike, descent time roughly 4 mins to the ponderosa cafe which serves superb home cooked food. Some great days out around there to be had. M1EYP has some good info on these on his webpage.


I can remember Richard writing somewhere about how pleasant a summit Moel Gyw is. He’s right, there’s something very pleasant about it. Nice walk, nice summit, not too far, not too short. Just right in fact.

There used to be a pub just across the road but the last time I was there it had been converted to a posh-looking restaurant. If you ask nicely they let you park at the far end of their car park. Do ask first though.

Thanks Jonathan! Yes, plenty of info about all three summits in question (and a few hundred others) on my website at http://tomread.co.uk

Click on ‘SOTA’ on the left hand side, then take your pick.

Agree, Moel Gyw is lovely. I’ll be there on Saturday (25th) early in the morning trying for the Europe/VK contacts along with Rob 9H4RH in Gozo and Gerard VK2IO near Sydney. It can be a windy and cold summit, but then, can’t they all?
Les g0nmd

You can even activate the trig point for the Worked all Britain guys to boost chaser numbers.


Thanks for the unanimous cheer for Moel Gyw, that will be top of the list for an evening outing.

Also swung by the fact that my route booklet arrived yesterday, and it goes straight over -043 Cyrn y Brian and then -042 Moel y Gamelin, so will take some radio gear along on the walk & try to arrange a convenient coffee stop.

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The convenient stop is the Ponderosa Cafe and its fabulous tray bake steak and kidney pie with chips, peas, carrots and gravy.

One of the things I am keen to find out, only having noticed it recently from your page Tom is what band/frequency that repeater was on Moel Gyw. Must have belonged to the land owner presumably, not sure. Maybe someone can enlighten me !


Tom, that would be about 12 miles into our 33 mile walk, not sure how a snack like that would affect the next 20+ miles.
But I’m sure a tea / lunch break can be arranged on one of the summits, so I can play radio for 30-40 minutes.


No repeater on Moel Gyw. That sounds like the mis-named Hope Mountain, a repeater there for commercial stuff and 2 Mtrs etc…
Les g0nmd

Nope, there was ! However this goes back some time. It has long since been removed.

See Toms website for images.


I have no idea at all if it was used as a repeater or for monitoring e.t.c. I am just interested to know if someone can identify its original purpose.

Hope mountain contains two commercial sites one owned by Arqiva and the other by Vodafone. The third is a small hut which is owned by a small private telecoms company, I believe.

I live near by so I take a somewhat esoteric interest in these summits :smile:


Dee Communications ISTR Jonathon.

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Blimey, were my boys EVER that little?!

Were they known as “The Macc Lads” in those days, Tom?


Walt (G3NYY)