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Liz K1LIZ out of ICU

Many of you have missed hearing Ron KI4TN and Liz K1LIZ on any summits for the past several months. Liz had a cancer treatment over the winter and it was just about to be hailed a success when she got very sick with an infection about two weeks ago. One week ago she was on life support and so unresponsive that Ron was realizing he might have lost her. But she made an extraordinary comeback in the last few days. She is off the ventilator now and communicating in limited ways. She has a long way to go but she is a fighter. Liz is a hero to many in SOTA. She is blind yet she climbed all those steep rocky trails along with Ron and made Goat in a little over a year.


Hey Scott, if you have a way to convey our wild cheers at her recovery to her and Ron, please do. Every time I am puffing up some rocky trail on a mountain I know she and Ron have done, I am inspired by her all over again. She is a fighter indeed.



Thanks for letting us know. I am praying for them.

Charlie, K0LAF

Thanks Scott for the information on Liz’s condition. Pray for a speedy recovery and support for Ron.

I had to pleasure of meeting Ron and Liz last May when I activated Clingmans Dome. I was set up at the recommended secluded area behind the observation tower. They had contacted me on 2 meter simplex so I knew they were coming up. I observed Liz holding on to Ron’s arm as they walked up the path. We had a nice visit. I was amazed when Liz said that she had obtained her MG in about 15 months by saying, “It was a lot of hiking.” My thoughts and prayers are with them.


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Sorry to to hear that Liz K1LIZ hasn’t been well recently and hope she makes a full recovery soon.

Jimmy M0HGY

So happy to hear Liz is doing much better. Continued recovery! In our prayers.

73 Paula k9ir

Wow, I’ve talked to Liz a few times S2S, always a pleasure. I hope she continues on her recovery.



Thanks for conveying the news about Liz. She will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. We are both pulling for her as well as many others.

Ariel NY4G

Thanks, Scott for keeping everyone informed.
Please, when able, let Ron and Liz know that the folks out in SOTA land miss them and are pulling for them. Ken and Kay, Tucson, Arizona

I had no idea she is blind. What an inspiration. Thoughts and prayers for both of them.

What an inspiration! I’m just recovering from heart surgery, but now i want to tackle an easy climb in her honor. JS6TMW

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Get well soon Liz!