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Liz, K1LIZ, Expected to Reach 2X Goat!

Today at about 18:00 utc Liz is expected to reach 2000 Activator points. She will be only the second female 2X MG in North America!

Liz has gone through a lot of challenges to reach this point. As many of you know, Liz is totally blind. Also, less than a year ago she was literally 24 hours away from being removed from life support as a result of complications from treatment for a life threatening medical condition. At the last possible moment she showed signs of awareness and her treatment continued and she improved.

Less then 2 months after this experience, though weak and frail, Liz made her next SOTA activation!

So, please join me both on air and here on the Reflector in congratulating Liz on reaching this unlikely milestone.

73 and thanks, Walt


Congratulations ahead of time LIZ. Will be listening for you to
congratulate you on the air.
73 de John Paul // AB4PP

Liz, you are an inspiration. Congratulations for hitting this major milestone.

73 Paula k9ir

How wonderful Liz! I hope I can get a QSO with you today! Thanks for the many QSO’s we’ve already had and looking forward to many more.
73, Keith KR7RK

Congrats to that fantastic lady. I’ll for sure be listening and hope to work her. Looking forward to maybe seeing you all again in Huntsville in August.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Find business Liz on reaching 2X mountain goat. Stay safe and good luck on the next 1,000. 73 De Scotty

Listening for you.
Ken and Kay

Very inspiring Liz. Glad you’re still having fun on the Summits. Always nice to work you. 73 Karen

Congratulations Liz! Glad to make a Summit to Summit contact with you from NH! Bob AC1Z

Congratulations K1LIZ Liz, well done and HNY 2020. CT1DRB David

Congrats, Liz! And best of luck for the next 1000.

Mike, N4VBV

How wonderful…
Liz, you are an inspiration. Congratulations
It is always a pleasure to talk with you

What an honor and privilege to work Liz S2S on her Double Goat Summit! Liz, you amaze ALL of us in every way. Ron’s pretty doggone special himself too!
Dean ~ K2JB

Congratulations Liz. I am honored to be in the log for your MG 2K summit.

73 Rich N4EX

Congratulations Liz! I’m happy I could work you on your 2X MG summit. Thanks for all your activations!
Gary K3TCU

Congrats on making 2MG. Glad I was able to make contact on the activation. 73
Ralph, W4RRJ

Sincere congratulations and thanks for the many quick exchanges and SOTA points. As a “kid” goat, look up to your many achievements, 73

Jerry, N4KJ

Well done Liz! I listened for you after all your spots but the RF wind was just not blowing my way. I so wanted to greet you on your DG summit. But I am very proud of you and your accomplishment. See you two soon I hope.
Scott kw4jm

Congratulation, Liz, on achieving MG! It’s always a pleasure to chase you and Ron.
Peter KD0YOB

:clap: :clap: double clap