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Little bit of software that may be of interest

I thought for quite some time whether I should post this but in the end decided to. Right now (at least it did yesterday) DDH software has a sale offering 50% off its HanDBase software for iPhone and Android. It is available in Google Play and in iTunes. Why I think it worth while mentioning this is because I have used this to create a small database of chasers who have worked me so that I can look people up during an activation and refer to them by name and also the last time & summit where we worked. I originally did this in the days of Palm but I am now converting to Android. So if my feet get fixed next week, I may in future actually remember who you are.

That might work for some, but I could probably work 5 stations in the time it takes for me to enter a callsign using the on-screen keyboard on my Android phone or Tablet. (I think my fingers are too fat or something).

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:

I find my on-screen keyboard to be painfully slow to use on my 'droid phone. I have the same issue with most touch screens, it’s why I hate them. You can get some phones with real keyboards still, there’s a Sony Ericsson Android job with a fold out keyboard and one of the new Blackberries has a real keyboard too. The new Blackberries look very tasty especially as they have a real OS (QNX) running behind all the swipe & touch nonsense.


In reply to G0CQK:

Pretty sure that I recall Jack 'COX carried around a list of the names of his most often worked chasers. I have never been that organised but it seems like a good idea for those with infinite amounts of free time. 73 Richard G3CWI

In reply to G0LGS:
My fingers are far too stubby but 5 Baseball Stylus Pens for Capacitive Touch Screens from Hongkong for £1.50 post free solves that,
73 Jim G0CQK