List of first activators

With only two unactivated summits in DM/BM left I’d like to have some overview about first activations of BM-summits. I know the date and operator of the first activation are given in the summit pages in SOTAWatch. But this requires reviewing every single summit. With 172 summits you soon get lost this way. The summit list of the SOTA database (both online display and downloadable csv-file) only gives the last activator.
Is there any way to get this information as a standard SOTAWatch/Database user?

73 de Michael, DB7MM

In reply to DB7MM:

Sorry Micheal, there is no way to find this as a database user. The only current way is to either view the summit info pages on SOTAwatch or to use the similar display on


Hi Michael,

I am looking for the same data for the ON summits. Andy has added a query to his enormous todo list which should provide us such data.

73, Peter - F/ON4UP