Lightweight data modes

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I couldn’t find it. I’m thinking of trying PSK as a means of helping my QRP activations. I usually take my iPhone with me and have PSKer installed. Has anyone found a good means of connecting that to a FT817. The VK3 source seems to have vanished.
Also has anyone any experience of using such a setup and any advice/comments?

You could take a look at the interface from Wolphi - this is really meant for use with an android phone, but as long as the headphone jack is wired the same on the iPhone as on Android phones and the PSKer works via audio input and output - it could be an answer for you.

Wolphi-Link interface – Wolphi – Mobile Software Development

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed, I’ll give it a look

Another option would be the Easy Digi interfaces by KF5INZ. He sells them on ebay and I am a happy customer.

73, pat - KI4SVM

I have also the Easy Digi interface. It simply works great.

73 de Hans / LA1EBA

I have this interface and Wolphi’s other SW (yes Android phone). Arrived last night and will be tested on the field this Sat on JA/TK-008.

I have used Wolphi’s DroidPSK and the interface portable when I was in Australia. No issues with the software or interface but the biggest problem I got - and this will apply to iPhones as well as Android phones was that I could not read the phone screen in the bright sunlight!


I have the KF5INZ interface and it works fine…

73 Chris M0RSF

Ed, thanks for the information. I’ll try to figure something out for tomorrow then.

Yes some kind of sunshade for the phone or tablet that can be packed up small will help I’m sure.


Thanks for the vid Chris - always useful to watch someone showing how

Gents thanks for all your responses. I’ve decided to try the easy digi interface.
I suspect I will mainly use PSK from hotel rooms whilst travelling (rather than on SOTA). I’ve tried voice, but QRP is a bit limiting.

Not the worst problem to experience in the UK :blush: