Lightning strikes in Europe: One killed and many injured

"Lightning strikes in several European countries have killed one man and caused serious injuries as summer storms hit across the Continent.

The man was killed in southern Poland as he was hit by lightning while descending a mountain.

In Paris, a birthday party in Parc Monceau was struck, injuring 11 people, eight of them children. Several are in a life-threatening condition.

Three people were seriously hurt at a youth football match in Germany."

Just a reminder here be careful up those summits
keep one eye on the skies.

Also heard a children party had a lightening strike also.

Its the season, plenty going on via the lightening maps.

Real Time Lightning Map ::;


It brings Sporadic E on 50 MHz and higher frequencies.

That link is tenuous, you often get Es with no lightning showing on the maps, I suspect that the thunderstorm season and the Es season just happen to coincide because they both happen in summer - what is it they say? “Correlation does not imply causation.”


Hi Christophe,
That storm came through here about 2 hours ago - what we got were hail stones the size of table tennis balls! I’m glad my car is in the garage, my neighbours wasn’t.

Seems just to be just heavy rain and occasional thunder and lightning now.

Disconnected all antennas to be safe.


P.S. This is a handy website to show what the winds are doing over Europe:

I thought it was exceptional in Europe, but I was obviously wrong…

Yesterday again:

“Lightning strikes at German Rock am Ring festival injuring at least 51 fans - 15 of them seriously”

Yesterday ???


Oops, sorry, I posted a link to an old article.

Thank you for spotting it. I edited my post with the correct link.

There have been at least two villages totally flooded in minutes when rivers broke their banks due to exceptionally heavy rain in the last week in Germany. Three drowned in the first incident (one being a fireman trying to rescue someone) - both he and the person he was trying to rescue were lost and in the second incident 6 dead - 3 of whom were women in ground floor apartments who were unable to leave when the floods came and drowned as the water rose quickly through the buildings.

Horrible situations and there are still people unaccounted for. I expect those two villages will never be the same again. Most of the businesses in the main streets are destroyed and in some cases the insurance wont pay out, meaning the owners of the business will go broke. The TV pictures show large trees and cars and vans being picked up and carried down the streets in the flood of mud and water.

As you say Christophe, not weather we would expect in Europe.


For global wind this is a good site:

I’ve been following that on the web, Ed. Terrible. It reminds me of the Lynmouth disaster in 1952, and more recently, the Floods in Boscastle in 2004 and Glenridding last December. Someone up there is out to get us!