"Light" wind at EA2/BI-063

Here at EA2BDS Marcial’s video, you can have a brief explanation of why we cut our xmissions several times on our EA2/BI-063 Lemoatxa activation last Dec 24.

I had my linked dipole broken twice (but quick repaired on-the-fly), and Marcial’s 24Mhz ground plane almost lost 3 of its 4 radials.

Nothing more to say, just watch…


73 de Mikel (still alive)

In reply to EA2CW:

Wow, incredible to be able to log a qso on that situation!! Congrats.

Thanks for sharing and your fine job. CU, take care 73
Ignacio EA2BD

Ps: very nice pics uploaded by Marcial, tnx!

In reply to EA2CW:
Hi Mikel,

Nice video. Vy strong winds up the hill ! Glad to hear you are still “alive”.
Tnx for the contact on 20 mtrs. Cuagn

73 and HNY, Tonnie PA9CW.

In reply to EA2CW:
Hola Mikel.
Bonito video, breve, pero muy descriptivo.
Me recuerda mi actividad en Coriscao el 21/08/11, en esa ocasion mi mastil spiderbeam y yo tambien salimos vivos, pero hay un truco.
¡ Hay que meterse piedras en los bolsillos HI, HI. ¡
(Foto en QRZ.)

Hi Mikel.
Nice video, short but very descriptive.
Reminds me of my activity in Coriscao the 21/08/11, this time my neck and I also spiderbeam out alive, but there is a trick.
It must get stones HI pockets.
(Photo on QRZ.)