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LiFePO4 European Dealer?

a friend of mine, activator in EA2 land, is trying to find an european dealer for LiFePO4 batteries (appart from Hobbyking).
He would like to get a PCM circuit to protect it as well. I guess he wants 4S type.

Can you advise a good one (quality and affordable price) with an on line catalog? He will then check shipping cost, etc…

Thanks for your help. 73 de Ignacio.

Hej Ignacio,

I’ve used this one for a year now.
That one seems quite similar.
Both are 4S and include a BMS.


Not exactly cheap and primarily for QRO - but absolutely excellent!
(e.g. -20° to +60°C).

At a similar sort of weight and price level, there’s tracerpower… http://www.tracerpower.com/tracer-lifepo4-batteries.html

They’re nicely packaged, but I’m not certain that the price premium is really worth it unless you’ve got money to spare (and judging by the original request, I’m guessing that isn’t the case here).


This is what I got for UKAC so will run 100W rigs for 2.5 hours. There are smaller ones


73 de Andrew G4VFL

Hi Ignacio,

got my “VISION LFP1210” 10Ah LiFePO4 from Pollin. That is enough power for an extended activation with an FT-857D at 50-100W output. We managed to get 37 CW + 48 SSB QSOs out of it on a recent activation :wink:
It can be as easily charged as a lead acid battery, no additional circuit required.

Tom - OE9TKH

Thanks all for your contribution.
All links checked.
73 de Ignacio

hello Ignacio

I’m running this battery since last year.

Delivery was fast and they accept PayPal …