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LiFePo4 battery tested

I’ve noticed some new options froim HobbyKing - that they now have hardcase packs such as this one:

(It’s a LIPO not a LifePO though) but the idea of a hard case, so the battery is better protected, I find a good idea.

These 7 amp (84 WH) hard case LiFePO4 batteries are brilliant if your back can stand carrying a little extra weight. They come complete with bespoke charger. I have had two for over 2 years, still in good order. I can run an FT-857 at 50 watts TX power on at least 5 activations for 30 mins RX/TX before the voltage drops to the point where the radio turns itself off. Usual auction site:

73 Phil

Having checked that link Phil, the costs vary depending where in Scotland you want it delivered. This is a good indication they are not using Royal Mail/ParcelForce but a private courier which should get past RoyalMail / ParcelForce limits on not shipping batteries on their own.

This is really silly (especially the price!) but how about a 160Ah LIfePO4 battery for those really long activations:

Thanks all for the most helpful replies. 73 Bryn GW4ZHI