LiFePo4 battery tested

I’ve noticed some new options froim HobbyKing - that they now have hardcase packs such as this one:

(It’s a LIPO not a LifePO though) but the idea of a hard case, so the battery is better protected, I find a good idea.

These 7 amp (84 WH) hard case LiFePO4 batteries are brilliant if your back can stand carrying a little extra weight. They come complete with bespoke charger. I have had two for over 2 years, still in good order. I can run an FT-857 at 50 watts TX power on at least 5 activations for 30 mins RX/TX before the voltage drops to the point where the radio turns itself off. Usual auction site:

73 Phil

Having checked that link Phil, the costs vary depending where in Scotland you want it delivered. This is a good indication they are not using Royal Mail/ParcelForce but a private courier which should get past RoyalMail / ParcelForce limits on not shipping batteries on their own.

This is really silly (especially the price!) but how about a 160Ah LIfePO4 battery for those really long activations:

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Thanks all for the most helpful replies. 73 Bryn GW4ZHI

sorry for getting this back from the dead!

seems that lifepo4 batteries are not easy to get in the UK any more? the small ones at least… 4S 2200-ish?!? Not as popular any more?

Hobbyking was my usual place. Any ideas?

4S scarce. No problem with 2x 2S LiFePo.

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Given that the UK haven’t left the european market the shop still shuold ship to England. Better ask beforehand.


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A bit on the expensive side. And large capacities too.

Ill try to see if I can get 2S

I had a look and Hobbyking had 2S 3000mAhr in stock in UK warehouse. Two off those is about £34 + p&p.

All -
Here in the US many use Bioenno Power batteries. Chargers are reasonably priced additions. For several years I’ve used a 3Ah for up to three activations in a day with a KX3 running 10W and could likely continue for several more days without using it up. And their support has been top drawer.


If you are patient, Hobbyking should get the 4400mAh LiFePos back in stock. I also wish they did a 2200mAh version. In the meantime, I have glued a buck converter to the back of a 4 cell Li ion cradle:

It gives me the slightly higher voltage of the LiFePos whilst allowing me to use reclaimed cells. It’s a shame there isn’t a Gerber file for a properly filtered buck converter as there is for the boost converter: hint hint. With the new QCX 50w amp running off 20v, many OMs will want to take just a 5s LiPo and run the rig via a buck converter, so there could be demand for such a thing.
73 de OE6FEG

thank you all.

A custom build is also cool! has cool selection of cells.

Even the 2200 is good for me I think. Im running a KX3 so its cool.
Or I could even use a diode (until the voltage drops from full charge) and use a 4S LIPO

btw whats the converter?

I can’t remember the exact source, but this looks identical:

There are others to choose from that can supply more power, you just have to search a bit. From what I’ve read, it might be advisable to put a ferrite on the output, and you might be taking pot luck with regards to RX noise. I’m really no expert here.
73 Matt

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As expensive as a 4S 4200mA with less capacity and more faff charging and linking up, so I am hanging on until they have the larger batteries in stock. I have two at the moment and want to double that so that I have 16800mAH available to run the FT-857D on the S2S events. I am moving over from the LiPO + NiMH combo that I have been using now that the 3S 4000mAH LiPOs are on their last legs… 11 years on! They still run the 817 for a couple of activations. You can’t keep a good battery down!

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Well if you can wait then why buy what you don’t want.

Recycling laptop 18650s has provided me with a useful power source that is easy to get onto planes without security issues as they fit into USB power packs. Three of them in a holder drives my 817s fine and with a boost converter, drives the 13cms box and will drive the 3cms box. One 3x 18650 pack and the LiFePo gives a quite enormous operation capacity. Only time I’ve done more than 2 activations without returning to the car was in Czech Rep. in 2018.

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Matt i have tried some buck convertors very simular and gave of alot of noise , i since then have bought a 30A bridge rectorfier the type you get in a generator and mounted it on a heat sink and i can get a 4s lipo down to a more useable 13.5v .

But its all weight and bulk , so i have built myself a pack from 18650 lifep04 cells its a 4s but 16 cells so 4 in series then 4 banks in paralell which gives me 13.2v . im not 100% sure of the ah but before i removed the wraps to re wrap the cells i saw 1200mah or 1600mah but was a while ago when removed the origional sleeves .Tey was from a 12ah lifepo4 battery which gave up but after testing was the BMS and some cells was at fault .

Will post a few pictures shortly

73 Matt 2E0FGX

Charged with a hobby charge and balance leads , bur remember the 18650 cells i have used are not the same as in laptops etc these are 3.2v nominal per cell not 3.7v nominal like the lipo cells .

Smaller rectifier diode on heatsink 15a but can not get below 14v

My lifepo4 16ah golf trolley battery for higher power needs , more for when at camp and powering devices.

I looked on hobbyking and even the new zippy lifepo4 are sold out again .

73 Matt 2E0FGX

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The one I have is perfectly quiet on RX, but it seems there is more to it than that:

       73 Matt