LiFePO4 Battery Charger

My Hobby King charger which I’ve been using to charge and maintain my Zippy Flightmax 4.2 Ah 4 cell LiFePO4 batteries has decided to stop working (reboots itself after 20 secs of charging) it’s just over 3 years old and not really seen an awful lot of use.

Goggling I’ve come across an Optimate TM470 LiFePO4 charger, since I’ve had a Optimate intelligent charger for my SLAB for my Goto Telescope for about 10 years I have a lot more confidence in Optimate than Hobby King.

Any one using one of these or any thoughts on it


Sorry should have also said charging time is not important, quality and reliability more important.


Which Hobby King charger is giving you the problem?

Hi Steve,
I have been using TURNIGY accucell 6 for charging ZIPPY batteries for past 12 months with no problems at all.

Regards… Tony - G7OEM

I’ve had a Optimate intelligent charger for my SLAB for my Goto Telescope for about 10 years

Generally, you can use an SLAB charger for LiFePo batteries. Mind the end-of-charge voltage and the maximum current.


Existing Faulty Charger is HobbyKing Eco Touch


I’ve used that charger for three years with Zippy batteries…no issues!

73, Brad

Yes, I’d also recommend a Turnigy Accucell 6 charger.

Thanks for the replies, 3 votes for the Turnigy Accucell 6 so will have a look at that, on Amazon see a 50W and 80W version, which one do you guys have ?


I have the 50W version.

Same here ----50W model.
73, Brad

+1 50Watt. ( Cannibalised an old laptop PSU to get the 12v input ) No problems.

HI Steve,

My Turnigy accucell 6 is 80Watt 10amp version

Tony - G7OEM

I’ve been using the BC-6 for about 15years for Electric Airplanes, now for Drones and my homebrew 4S1P A123 packs… mine is the AC and DC input version… it hasn’t missed a beat… ever…

Richard // N2GBR

Another vote for Accucell. I’ve had mine for a few years now. No issues.

Roland K7FOP