Les Platons GJ/JE-001

I’m having a weeks holiday in Jersey. Activated the islands only summit yesterday & today making 23 & 27 contacts respectively. Today my KX2 and 5W got across the pond to K4DY on 17m. Lots of JA’s heard but not worked. S2S today with HB9OME/P & F4HPV/P. I’m here until Saturday so will do at least one more activation … but not tomorrow with high winds forecast. Thanks for all calls.


That’s decent! Were you CW or SSB?

When my browser opened this page, the first thing I saw was the photo and my brain said, “good effort dragging that up a hill, I wonder what type of SOTA antenna that is?”, until I had another look and digested if fully.

73, Fraser


SSB Fraser. No I didn’t carry the golf ball up with me. There is an inverted vee there if you can see through the murk. It was drizzling when I set up, sunny for the activation & pouring down this afternoon.


Hi Steve

Have a good holiday in the Channel Islands! Did you need to have proof of recent £120 Covid PCR test before they let you loose on the locals? I see our Council area is classed as red zone on the Jersey GOV website.

No copy on you on the higher bands when I was listening needless to say…too close and was skip too long today. I did work Thomas HB9CLT/P on 17m CW at 13:57

Will you be taking the boat to Guernsey and Sark I wonder?

All the best


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Hi Phil, free PCR test on arrival at Jersey airport then self isolate at your hotel until you receive the result. I got here about 6pm, grabbed a couple of bottles of wine from the convenience store near the hotel and watched TV. A negative result was texted & emailed to me at 0130, so we were good to go. No plans to visit GU this week even though I could see it this morning. There was a private company offering PCR tests at Humberside airport for £120 :weary::weary::weary:. I preferred the free one :wink:. Cheers for now, will listen out for you.


That’s really good news Steve about the local no charge testing. Hope your WX picks up - have a wine or two on me!

73 Phil


Hi Ian.
I was the last activator there at Les Platons before you. That was in August last year. It was actually my first ever SOTA activation so has a special interest to me. It looks like I had better wx :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay on Jersey.

Carl G0KPE


Certainly better weather than us Carl. However it wasn’t too bad for us, drizzle setting up then dry for the activation. Was supposed to be gale force winds today, but again, not too bad. KX2 battery is charged for at least one more activation.


Did my 3rd activation of JE-001 today. 17m was a bust but around 22 contacts on 20m. Good short skip with Es. Nice to work Kevin M0XLT in Gargrave nr Skipton 5/9 but still gave me a 5/3 when I reduced the KX2 power to 100mW.


Nice summit Les Platons. Rather trivial non-walk, although it can be improved by parking in one of the car parks along the coast and walking in via the cliff path - which is stunning on that north coast of Jersey. The view out north from the summit is spectacular because the summit is right on the cliff tops on the coastline.


The headland at Plemont is worth a look too. The former Pontins camp has been removed and the site returned to nature. That was where I met Marianne 31 years ago!

I know you’re not going to them this trip, but I presume you have thoughts on bagging GU-001 and 002 at some future point? GU-002 Guernsey Airport is a rubbish “summit” but as you usually visit Guernsey to get to and from Sark, you’d probably bag it! Sark is well worth a week of anyone’s time - it’s fantastic. Most of the main island is in the AZ but the whole island should be thoroughly explored.

Still in quarantine on the ship here, practising all the music for the shows (361 tracks) in my cabin using sheet music sent to my iPad. Should be allowed out on Sunday. I’ve been advised that I will have permission to operate pending an equipment check by the ship’s on-board electrician - but that can’t take place until I’m free from quarantine. It’s all very peculiar. I get three visits from the nurse to my cabin every day, two for temperature and hydration checks and one for a Covid test.

Looking forward to some SOTA chasing as M1EYP/MM. I’ve had a listen from my cabin balcony using the Alexloop and 20m in particular sounds good, so gutted I didn’t yet have clearance to operate. GJ is always satisfying to work, but as the place has a special place in my heart, and these days has a SOTA summit, even moreso!

Enjoy the rest of your trip Steve.


Hi Steve

Good to get you s2s today. Took me completely by surprise😁 Enjoy your stay and looking forward to the next time.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Good to get you today from Shinning Tor, made up for the blustery winds and not so special conditions!



Hi Martin

Hope you had a good day and thank you for the s2s. WX improved with me and I had some nice views eventually. Looking forward to the next time.

73 Allan GW4VPX