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Leith Hill - G/SE-002


At fairly short notice yesterday, I posted an activation for my local hill. It was a pleasant enough day, although the strong wind was intermittently blowing the dust around, and surprisingly uncrowded.

As usual I started on 7032, but initially found just one chaser. Knowing that foF2 was about 5.5 MHz, having checked before departure, I then moved to FE for several CQs. Either nobody was monitoring, or propagation was not as expected, so I drew a blank. I then returned to 40m and managed another two difficult QSOs. Then I heard somebody sending “try 30m” so I sent “QSY 10116” a couple of times and changed bands. I was found by one chaser, but nobody else came looking. After a final try again on both 40m and 60m, I departed with my four contacts in the log.

Having packed away the gear, I took the opportunity to reconnoitre the summit for a potential QRO activity site. It looks promising, and I will attempt an evening activation sometime soon. I think that 1900 UTC will be a suitable time to get the best “value” from 80m, both CW and SSB, but I expect to use other bands as well if time and conditions allow.

It will be fairly short-notice, fitting in with non-radio activities and suitable weather, but could be fun packing the gear in the dark!

73 de Les, G3VQO


As previewed above, I will attempt an evening activation today. The present rain is forecast to clear away, and I’m hoping that the usual motley collection of walkers/cyclists/riders will have dissipated by early evening.

I intend to start my operation around 1900 UTC, perhaps a little earlier. Frequencies to be used will include 3561 and 7032 on CW, and 3666 SSB (there is a contest this evening, but a contest-free segment extends from 3650-3700). If time permits, and conditions are favourable, I will try other bands; 10116 and 5398.5 spring to mind.

Once the expected rush dies down, I will move to the contest segment and have a bit of fun before packing up.

Hoping to find lots of you in the log.

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:
Hi Les
I will be looking for you - SE-002 is one I keep missing despite having been up Leith Hill mni times when I lived in Bromley!
GL es 73 de


In reply to G3VQO:

You had a nice 9 - 9+5 signal.

73 Norby


Thanks for coming back to me Les! I was quite surprised when you did. Your signals were incredibly strong here in Cheshire. When are you doing it again? There is also GW0DSP (NW-062) and myself (SP-015) who are looking to do some midweek late afternoon/early evening 40CW activations from our local hills.


That was fun !!!

After the wind and rain during the day, it turned into a gloriously sunny evening. The hill was deserted for the first time in my experience, and I was able to set up in a relaxed manner. Despite being at least thirty minutes early on my announced time, the pile-up started from the first CQ on 3561. Conditions were excellent, with S9 signals from all over the UK and much of Europe (EI,DL,F,LX,OE,PA). Once the queue had been emptied I moved to 7032 and had a similar experience. My next announced QSY was to 3666, but, in the event, I had to use 3667.5 due to a loud station a little lower. Yet another steady stream of chasers found their way into the log, including some well-known callsigns that I had never worked before. Finally I ventured into the contest fray and added another twenty or so callsigns to the list, before closing to allow the packing up to take advantage of the last glimmers of the dusk light.

Apologies to anyone who was hoping for me to venture onto other bands, but the demand was such that my ninety minutes just flew by. I’ll definitely be doing something similar again from another SE summit or two. Stay tuned for more details.

Great to work Tom M1EYP and Don G0NES on CW - well done guys!!

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:

It was a pleasure to work you on SE-002 Les.

Your CW sigs on 3561 KHz were a very comfortable 579 to me and judging by the response from around the UK and across Europe the combination of this band and time gave excellent results for SOTA chasers.

I was even more impressed when you moved to 7032 KHz and your signals increased to 599, which was most unusual at this time.

Looking forward to you repeating the exercise at a later date.



In reply to G3VQO:

Hi Les

“That was fun” is an understatement, it was terrific Les, 599 rock solid on 80 and you were the same on 40, and very pleasing to hear so many stations return to you.
It was a huge success Les and I look forward to many more.

As Tom says, I will attempt the same from my local summit in the near future and Tom has plans to do the same, should be great fun, maybe a three way s2s cw rag chew on 80?.

Sorry about my first attempt to qso, my bencher paddle decided that the temporarily repaired spring would break again, just after I replied to your cq, second time it’s happened to me in as many weeks and embarrassing, so I had to go and get my Palm paddle out of my rucksack and luckily you were still there and we managed the contact. The bencher is now in the draw until the new spring arrives.

Thanks for your efforts Les, very much appreciated.

vy 73 Mike