LD walk

Just a brief note to thank all the chasers who called me on Sunday. I was on a family visit to Caldbeck, when the opportunity presented itself for a few activations on Sunday, provided I got back in time for an pre-arranged outing with the grand children at 1600 local.
I calculated that, provided I restricted my activations to 30 minutes, I could get round the Hellvelyn to St Sunday Crag circuit in time to meet my appointment time.
Route was the usual one via Swirral edge, onto Hellvelyn, and along the ridge to Dolywagon. By-passed the zigzags via the direct path down to Grisedale Tarn, and continued on the well used paths over Seat Sandal, Fairfield and St Sunday Crag.
To reduce summit time, only a dipole, supported by a walking pole was deployed, so apologies to the more distant stations for my sub standard signals. The 4 ele beam stayed in the car, I’m afraid!
Particular thanks to John G0TDM, for monitoring 144.300 for my opening calls and spotting me.
I did make it back to Caldbeck, in time, so may be permitted (by the grand children)to do some more SOTA.
A very pleasant walk, in superb weather.

In reply to G3RMD:

Hi Frank,

It was great to hear you on the LD summits on Sunday, sorry I couldn’t stay longer on SE-008, it started to rain heavily here on the IoW. Conditions were favourable on 2m, our contact range was around the 430Km. Good work using only a dipole Frank.



In reply to G3RMD:
Good to work you on all four summits Frank (thanks to Stewart and Matt who called my attention to your activations on two of the summits!).

Graham G4FUJ