LD Activations

Better late than never:
All these activations were made with new (to me) FT-817, newly constructed Beam , new eTrex Vista HCx and (not new) VX-170.

G/LD-030 Black Combe 29 March 2008:
We ascended from Whicham. The path was easy to follow but the cloud was low and the visibility was poor. It was cold and windy on the summit but we set up the beam in the summit shelter. As the weather was so poor we went back the way we came rather than a longer circular walk to get back. We did have some views down to the coast on the way back.
8 QSOs in 13 minutes

G/LD-013 The Old Man of Coniston 30 March 2008:
We started from Coniston village where I bought some Sealskinz waterproof gloves(Birthday Present). We went up by Coppermines and past the old workings. There were patches of snow above Low Water and at the top there were drifts several feet deep.It was crowded on the summit with good views. Sealskinz gloves excellent for snowballs.
21 QSOs including 2 S2S in 30 minutes

G/LD-028 Harter Fell 02 April 2008:
We ascended from Dunnerdale which was steep. Nice summit with good shelter from the craggy rocks. QSOs were difficult so sorry to every one who couldn’t work me.
9 QSOs in 10 minutes

G/LD-045 Dent 03 April 2008:
We ascended from the East side. As we set off along the public footpath, some local residents stopped their car to ask us what we were doing and if we had cut our walking stick out of their hedge! The people at the farm were rather unhelpful about the exact route - apparently the footpath sign has “fallen off” their gate. We went down a very steep hill into a nice valley with a Coast to Coast sign. It was very steep again up the other side and flat boggy and cloudy when we got to the top. There was no shelter and no view and I can understand why not very many people have activated this summit.
10 QSOs in 30 minutes

817, eTrex, Beam and Gloves worked well.
48 QSOs, 17 points and 4 summits in total.

Photos now on Flickr

73 Timothy 2E0KEA

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Glad you enjoyed yourself. It must be infuriating to be interested in climbing up hills when you live in the flatlands of Suffolk. A FT817, eTrex Vista HCx and a VX170… just the same as me. I’m delighted with my Vista HCx as it’s just so sensitive compared to the older GPS receivers.