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LD-57 Swinside Report


After a pleasant chat with the landowner who guided us to the preferred start point we scaled a surprisingly steep Swinside through the pathless heather and gorse above the tree line. The summit has a couple of fir trees but is mainly grassy. As we started the operation the promised snow arrived, driven by a strong northerly wind.
We started on 5Mhz but instead of the expected rush, nothing. All the channels were quiet but eventually we found a G station calling CQ. No contact came out of this as he could not copy our signal. Back on FE and there was some life, thought we heard INK but too weak to work then Don G0RQL appeared at 59. The contact was made and we were off, well almost. Andy MM0FMF/P was the only other station audible and after exchanging reports a prolonged set of cqs produced nothing so it was off to 7MHz cw. Here the contest noise was unbelievable with not a space to be found so on to 10MHz where again prolonged calls produced nothing. Forty five minutes operation in the driving wet snow has produced just two contacts, not a great start!
On then to 144ssb and silence greeted the cq calls again, was everyone watching the Grand Prix? Then John GW4BVE fluttered in for a contact that completed all England summits for him Congratulations John. Then Jeff/Geoff (not sure which one you like hihi) G4WHA boomed in at 59 from nearby Penrith to qualify the hill for us. Now followed a string of ten contacts, all aircraft flutter assisted with the usual suspects, several of whom were completing the England set. GW7AAV Steve had a real struggle but we made it! Surprised to complete with Don G0RQL again and M3TMX Jordan from this very badly screened low fell. Now 2m fm and after another 59 contact with G4WHA nothing! Lots of cq calls but nothing.
By now we had been active for about an hour and a quarter and the snow had eased so 5MHz was given another try but 15mins of calling resulted in no returns. Back to 7MHz and the contest QRM had reduced and five cw contacts were made into HB9, DL and ON which completed the days activities.
Thanks to G0RQL, G4JZF, GW7AAV, GW4BVE, G0LGS, G4WHA and DL4FCK for spots, the land owner for access and everyone else who tried so hard through really bad radio conditions.
Apologies to those who didn’t make it, we tried our best.
Rob and Audrey


In reply to G4RQJ:
Many thanks for your efforts Rob and Audrey,a shame it was bit of a struggle to begin with.The MUF was 3.8 at the time. Many thanks for the unique on 2m

73 Graham G4JZF


Certainly was a struggle for you Rob and Audrey but many thanks for persevering under such poor conditions.Pleasure to be able to work you from a unique. 73 Don.


In reply to G4RQJ:

hi rob and audrey

thanks for trying rob didn’t manage to hookup with you, was my last reqd summit in GW @ G land and like others been waiting a while. the poor condx on 5 mhz wasn’t unexpected, failed to work midday 5 mhz news over the last 3 weeks .

73s alistair gw0vmz


In reply to G4RQJ:

Many thanks Rob, It seemed like a great deal of effort to go to and have such a frustrating time. It seems the odds were against us and the weather and the long skip on 5mHz together with the contest traffic on 7mHz conspired to make things much more difficult than you could have expected. Maybe there were those glued to the Grand Prix, but I think a lot of us were glued to Fox Echo waiting for that magical sudden change in ionosphere that we needed and quite often pops up, but it never came. Under normal circumstances I would have been over the moon to get the summit on 2m and in the light of day today I am delighted, but by the time we made it I had been so sure that we wouldn’t that it was just a relief. There can be doubt that you tried your best and I for one am very grateful. Thanks to you and Audrey.

73 Steve GW7AAV (only 5 Gs left)


In reply to G4RQJ:

Hi Rob & Audrey

Thanks for you superb effort in gaining permision, then ascending and activating under dificult conditions, that was 100% pure dedication to SOTA and your chasers. Well done both!!
Thank you for the unique on 2-ssb, it was very much appreciated.

73 Rob & 73/88 Audrey


In reply to G4RQJ:
Well done Rob and Audrey.
As has been mentioned 60m was very poor - only beacon heard here was Orkney !
Did hear you intermittently , about 41, on 2m SSB but only when the third station (who I could not hear) in a three way QSO on same QRG was transmitting :frowning:

Roger G4OWG



In reply to G4RQJ:
Well done Rob and Audrey.
I tried and better tried to work you but have not heard the bands so bad for a long time.I thought I heard you reply at one stage but it was just wishfull thinking.Thanks to you both and all the best Geoff G6MZX


In reply to G4RQJ:

Hi Rob and Audrey

Many thanks from me for all your efforts in poor conditions, I also completed England and Wales with Swinside.


Don [G0NES]