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LD-032 WRONG REFERENCE Yesterday 28Feb

Apologies to those who worked me on G/LD-032 yesterday that my reference given by RBNHole was wrongly given as G/NP-032. This was in all probability due to a typo by me when posting the activation. Frank G3RMD queried it on 5MHz at the beginning and posted the real ref but the poor old robot carried on with the wrong one through the whole cw section of the activation, MY Fault. I did repeat the correct ref quite a few times but some folks may have picked up the wrong one from it or my original source error.Still LD-032 is rarer than NP-032 so you might be on a winner. Sorry again. we were on G/LD-032 Whitfell

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I spotted you and corrected the hill reference when we worked on 2m Rob :slight_smile:

Looking at “who worked me” several chasers have logged us as NP032.
Please Note IT WAS LD-032
My Error, see above

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