LCD display for MTR3b


being myself a satisfied user of the tiny Mountain Topper 3 Band Radio
(here a photo of my latest activation with this radio)

Now I’ve seen that LNR Precision is advertising a new variant of the MTR-3B radio, where the red LED display has been replaced by a LCD display:
(source of the following picture LNR Precision Inc)

It seems that now the antenna connector has been replaced by a BNC plug, too.

Has anybody here some experience with this new LCD display?
Or is anybody aware whether there is (or will be in the future) a LCD replacement kit for the LED-variant of the MTR-3B radios?

73 de Stephan, DM1LE

Hello Stephan,

Funny thing, I also found the change on the LNR web page this week!
I’m happy with my MTR-3b with the single digit, but I investigated in the KD1JV Q&A group ( | Topics) and found this thread and dialog with answers for you:

the picture of the mountain topper shows a very clear display, unlike mine. Is this the MTR-5B or the new Slop Bucket?
73, Yvon NU6I

Steven Weber Feb 8
It’s a new version of the MTR-3B I’m working on which replaces the single digit LED display with the LCD display used in the MTR-5B (LNR version). LNR will eventually be selling this version and will likely replace the MTR-4B and 5B.

Glenn S Oct 9
Is it possible to retrofit the display to the original MTR-3B?
Cheers, Glenn VK3YY

Steven Weber Oct 9
In a word – NO.
Cheers, Steve

Well,seems Steve had a clear idea about that, I’m afraid …

Take care and look forward to hear you soon from any summit Stephan,
VY 73 de Ignacio

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Hola Ignacio,

thank you very much for your reply. That clarifies things.

A replacement kit for the “old-model” would have been nice, but I think with the price of the MTR-3B radio it would not really tear a huge hole in ones purse if the complete radio will be upgraded.

Now I’m just asking myself whether I should order immediately the new model, with the benefit to have a spare radio just in case that my old radio conks out. Or to wait and buy the new model not until my older one dies.

Ignacio, it’s always a pleasure to hear you on the air.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Hello again,

I keep my fingers crossed so that the MTR will survive for many many years alive.
I simply love it.

Just in case you need to scroll for some more data, the other existing group for KD1JV rigs is here:

Both groups are an easy way to get some answers for previous problems and improvements in this rig, and others from Steve.

It seems Yahoo don’t mantain the “Files” section anymore, but the “messages” are a good source of answers .

73 de Ignacio

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