LB8CG - a new Mountain Goat

Please join me in congratulating Mikhail LB8CG, who yesterday became a Mountain Goat on JW/MS-095 summit. Well deserved Mikhail !

P.S. Picture is from yesterdays celebration dinner together with LA9DSA, HB9DQM & me.



Congratulations Mikhail on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats Michael on your goat :sheep:
see you soon S2S
73 IW3AGO Henry

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Congratulations Mikhail job well done , ray

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Congratulations Mikhail!

All the best
Nick G4OOE

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Congratulations Mikhail, well done!
73 Fabio

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Congratulations Mikhail!!
Welcome to the herd!
73 Roberto

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Congratulations Mikhail!
Mike K6STR

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Thanks, Lauris and OMs and especially chasers OMs :). It’s a major milestone for me personally. It took quite a few years and a lot of winter activations (it’s hard to achieve MG living in Oslo area without winter bonus) to come here. Every single activation was made with home brewed antenna.

From now on I will focus less at points, but rather try to activate rare summits or try summit DX-ing. It will be definitely more SOTA DX-peditions, like we have now at Svalbard.

And who knows, may be I will become double goat :goat: one day :wink:

Bææhhh de LB8CG!


Congrats on your success, Mikhail, and great to see that celebrating it could be integrated into your special event.

I took even note that your goat seems to speak Norwegian! (Or was this already Svalbardian, hi . . .?)

Enjoy and 73, Markus HB9DIZ


Congratulations! Well done…

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Congratulations Mikhail!
73, Ken

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Congratulations Mikhail !

73 Jan

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Thanks for chasing me for so many times!

Congrats Mikhail!
73 de Espen

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Congratulations Mikhail

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Many Congrats Mikhail ! :goat: Happy I was able to work you twice last month! 73 Karen

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Congratulations Mikhail for the MG. And many thanks for the QSO to Svalbard. I also like winter activations with skis and home-brew antennas. If the ground is frozen as stone, you can use your skis as antenna support … works realy fine :+1:. Forget the points and enjoy SOTA :upside_down_face: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:.
73 Arthur / HB9CEV

(Photo: HB/SG-030)


Thanks, Karen. That was very successful antenna test :), I will from now on fokus more on sota DX-ingso I hope for more QSO!

Thanks a lot! Yes, sometimes snow is so packed, that I can just stick the ski and attach mast to it :slight_smile: