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Lawrence Grassi Activation VE6/JF-028 Mea Culpa

Apologies for my sudden departure from the air waves during my SOTA activation and any profanities that may have been heard from me today on Lawrence Grassi VE6/JF-028.

I was using a computer gaming headset with VOX on my KX3, it works great!
However during my last QSO you may have overheard some expletives…Apologies…

In way of explanation (but not justification for the profanity) my 30ft fiberglass pole and antenna blew off the overhanging cliff that was behind me and was only rescued by me, by holding onto the coax attached to the pole.

It was a bit of a gong show today for me with several delays and minor mishaps. An external observer would have found it amusing, but I was in poor humor.

Hopefully my next SOTA QSO will be better managed by me.

Apologies again

– 73 de VA6MCB

Been there, done it - while running a Special Event station too!!

Very red faced and embarrased!! :flushed:

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