Last minute EA2/BI-055 activation: The Kingdom Of

Hi all!

It was 3:40 pm local (UTC+1) when Marcial EA2BDS called me for a quick activation of Ganguren, quite low, but pretty close to our homes. In less than 10 min. I was taking the tube to meet Marcial near his home.

A few minutes later, we were a couple of hundred meters from the summit (just a short path after leaving the car) mounting the antennas and rigs. Marcial -as all these last activations- would devote his time to earn some 24mhz points, leaving me the rest of the bands. Actually, this means under 14 mhz, as at this summit, our antennas are too close to avoid interferences. Even more, after a light-speed setup, I noticed that I had more than 8-9 S-meter units of QRM from the numerous repeaters at the summit. This was using a 20m. EFLW antenna and Fusch tuner.

I tried to make some calls, but it was almost impossible to hear any response. So, I changed to a 8.2m LW vertical on the 9m pole, and, even the situation was pretty bad, at least, I was able to make 28 EU QSOs on 30m. (using both IPO and ATT on the FT-817).

I want to thank to all chasers that have had the patience enough to repeat and repeat their callsigns until I was capable of reading them thru the QRM. I hope to make soon a better activation to enjoy the peaceful spectrum of some of our farer summits.

Just to note it, the FUSCH tuner has a LED to aid while tuning. It was so much RF on the air, that the LED lighted slightly even when disconected from the rig!

73 de Mikel (just now adoring the commercial transmission of RF signals)

In reply to EA2CW:
Dear Mikel,
Thank you and Marcial for your efforts on activating the summit under such tough QRM conditions.
I was out of home this afternoon so, unfortunately, couldn’t chase you.
It looks like you and Marcial have got your full dose of RF for this month, hi, hi!
I’ll look forward to hearing you from some other quieter summit on the air soon.
73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to EA2CW:

Hello i all to

Mikel that mountain is very difficult to convey … always QRM 9 … Greetings and Happy New Year in Sota.

EC2AG Antonio