Last F5HTR video ! F/AM-460

Hi friends,

you can have a look to my last production !
SOTA F/AM-460 : Montagne de Bleine !

best 73 to all
robert - F5HTR

In reply to F5HTR:

Nice to hear his own CW… :wink:
In another life, you could win 10 points for this more than 1500m summit !
(may be in another country…)

73 and thanks Bob

Alain F6ENO (on strike…)

In reply to F6ENO:
I agree with you and as I already told you that’s really pity thoses stranges rules ! SOTA was thought by the english, made by the english… for the english.
a bientot sur un prochain SOTA !

In reply to F5HTR:
salut bob
très belle video a la james bond façon crocodile dundee (pour le chapeau)hi !!!

continu a faire de belles videos c’est super