Lanzarote - The Final Score

Finally finished logging everything (barring mistakes) from our trip to Lanzarote.

Some final stats from my logs for interest:

We spent in total 13 hours 43 minutes activating the 10 summits on Lanzarote over 8 days or 1 hour 22 minutes per summit;

I logged 512 unique chaser callsigns over all the bands and summits;

I had a total of 883 QSOs over all the activations or an average of 88.3 QSOs per summit;

That’s a contact every 56 seconds on average!

The top ten chasers were:

1 G6TUH with 10 summits and 18 QSOs
2 DJ5AV with 10 summits and 12 QSOs
3 G0TDM with 9 summits and 13 QSOs
4 G0RQL with 9 summits and 10 QSOs
5 G0VWP with 8 summits and 12 QSOs
6 G4WSB with 8 summits and 9 QSOs
6 OE7PHI with 8 summits and 9 QSOs
8 EA2CKX with 8 summits and 8 QSOs
9 G4OBK with 7 summits and 8 QSOs
10 DL3HXX with 7 summits and 7 QSOs

Mike managed to contact us on every summit and every band and was usually first in the log, offering spots, chatting and advice on distant callers.

I know I got ratty a few times but generally everyone was well behaved and patient so thanks to all that called me and sorry to anyone I missed.


PS We will add parking, route and summit information for all the summits on their sotawatch pages at some point in the near future

PPS I will probably not do a big write up but expect lots of pictures on flickr :smile:


Well done to you both! A brilliant example of fantastic SOTAing.


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