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Lanzarote: 5 of 5

11/05/22. My fifth summit during my vacation was EA8/LA-002, Atalaya de Femés. The access: very easy. In Femés, look for Calle La Atalaya, and just follow this road to the antennas at the end. With a 4x4 you can drive to the top. With a regular car, however… Walking to the top is not a short trip and a little bit steep. The weather condition for me were good. The burning sun was “tempered” by cloud cover and … a few raindrops!

I like “to be free” when I’m on SOTA tour. It’s for me the second summit during my vacation that I didn’t get that feeling. When I was on the “vértice geodésico”, something behind me was beeping. There was an alarm going off, when I was to close to the antennas…

Nevermind, I made my QSO’s ( 11 on the 20m. band / noise level still high, S5 ).