Lanzarote: 3 of 5

07/05/22. My third summit during my vacation was EA8/LA-012, Helechos. My access: just look in Máguez for the tourist information board “ Parque Natural - Archipiélago Chinijo “, at the beginning of the Calle la Caldera. At the end of this ( narrow ) drivable road with a regular car, you can see the antennas of a V.O.R. beacon installation ( thanks for the info @ON7DQ ). From there on: a good path to the top.

For me, it’s the most beautiful summit during my trip, because you also can see the other islands surrounding the northern part of Lanzarote. Looking arround, all the fauna and flora looks like created by… the wind blowing over the hills. Walking to the top, I forgot thinking on all the sorrows of the world… for a while.

My equipment, see Lanzarote: 2 of 5

The noise level was still high ( S4 ) on the freq. I used ( 7 QSO’s on the 17m. band / 7 QSO’s on the 15m. band ).


Thanks for your activation report and photos.

Cheers Geoff vk3sq

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