Lake District Triple

Activation for report for Weekend of 12 & 13 September 2009 Lake District triple:

  1. G/LD-058 Arnside Knott 09:00 hrs 12/09/09:
    The first of three 1 pointers for the weekend,this was about 25 mins drive from Kendal where we had stayed from Friday to Sunday. Deciding to use route up on opposite from Arnside village,enough space for approx 4 cars at park spot. you enter the wood from the road,through one gate immediately then follow distinct path that runs along the wall,not too steep from here to top,taking us only 15 mins(we must be getting fitter). When you reach the top the trig is on the left path if like us you want to touch it and admire views. We then set up just about 8-10 metres below on a nicely constructed bench ,careful to leave one end free for tourists. Set up for 2m and 70cms and 1st contact on 2m ssb was into Southern Ireland just outside Limerick(EI9FEB). Bill in Barrow came next and then after he spotted me ,we got a lovely pile up finishing with 21 contacts on ssb and 1 contact on FM(S2S with G3CWI/P on LD-001). Total of 3 S2S contacts,but 70cms both ssb and FM were very quiet. descent via same path after taking a look across the bay to see our next summit:Whitbarrow Scar.

2)G/LD-056 Whitbarrow Scar,13:00hrs 12/09/09:
Drive between Arnside Knott and here took only 20 mins,we had decided to do it the harder way by approach from Witherslack Hall,steeper but shorter. car park spot approx room for 8 cars. Going through gate anf over field,this section is flat and heads towards a wood,with the school football field alongside. We had a slight mishap on this section as loose boulders on the path,Elaine had fallen,I immediately dropped my carry gear and checked her out. Apart from a Grazed Knee she was a bit shook up and told me we would be carrying on. following the path it climbs very slowly when 1st entering the wood. Then once it goes steep,there is a large amount of loose stone & boulders on the path. There is also a steep edge on the left when approx half way up,we both agreed this would be somewhat worse in wet conditions,as we moved one step forward and half a step back a number of times.When you do get to top plateau it changes to a grassy area and peth winds its way to a man made Circular Cairn/Trig with a plaque on it marking the summit. this was to be an experimental activity, with us trying out a converted Silver Rod(this is approx 25 years old)for 10 & 20 meters using the AT-897 to tune the bandwith. started on 28.385,Bill G4USW again got me and spotted me. I actually qualified this summit on 10m and as this was the 1st time I had ever used this band was more than pleased with the result and will be considering doing 10 meters again. 5 Contacts on 10m, 11 contacts on 2m ssb totalling 16 with two S2S contacts,made this a worthwhile trip. Also while up there a fellow 2E0 paid us a visit while out on a walking day with his wife. Ken 2E0NLG,was caravanning up in the lakes and was quite intrigued to find a Radio Operator up here. He took a couple of pics for his collection and after a good chat set off accross the plateau. Views from this summit were superb in a full 360 scan. The descent was worse again with that loose boulder section and steep edge,made us gingerly get down as soon as possible. we would probably go from another route up if we return to this one.

3)G/LD-046 Lambrigg Fell 09:00hrs 13/09/09:
Final one of three for this very easy ascent,then we were close to M/way for a fast trip home.Parking in Richards TomTom Spot crossed over to gate and headed mostly flat ground until you reach a small steep section following wall to reach summit. Nothing on top to prove you are at summit,but Etrex and the fact that everything else is below you proves it. The last two summits were in glorious Sunshine ( as shown by pics on Flicker), but this morning the wind had a slight chill to it and the clouds had obscured the sun. So Fleece on and wooly hat while on top settled for the wall to set up 2m beam and 4m dipole. Using beam towards south gave a few calls on 432.200 and only got one contact(G8AXW). I checked spots and found 3 S2S LD Contacts G3CWI/P on LD-012,G4OWG/P on LD-050,and 2E0EDX/P on LD-015(got Ian on both 2m & 4m today). Total of 14 contacts,including 12 on 2m, 1 on 70cm and 1 on 4m, (with a total of 5 S2S contacts. Descent via same easy route,we found both Geocaches on this one,then headed down M6 to get all chores done at home before work on Monday.

Overall really very pleasant holiday weekend in LD land,plenty of contacts for us and qualifying LD-056 on 10m well worth experimenting.

Thanks to all who contacted me, calls all logged in Database as usual,and a couple of pics on Flicker



“do it the harder way”

I didn’t know there was an easier way! I have been up the same ascent route as you used both times I have done Whitbarrow, and similarly don’t care much for that steep edge on the left of the path. Strangely, the worst “SOTA vertigo” sufferer Rob G4RQJ has no trouble with that one!

Thanks for the reports; very enjoyable reading.


In reply to M1EYP:


Perhaps the tree cover on the slope lulls you into a false sense of security. I’m well up there with Rob in the vertigo stakes! Ask Richard about our LD-001 walk. I don’t remember feeling uncomfortable on Whitbarrow.

73, Richard

In reply to M1EYP:
Thanks Tom,glad you agree with that section of the route,especially as Elaine had that mishap at the base it made us more wary and took our time. I never look down them sections anyway,but concern was sideways sliding on all those rocks that was paramount.

Looking at the OS map there is a path from A5074 at The Howe whick looks longer but less steep and the Path from Broad Oak looks the easiest. this goes along the edge of the cliff but it look like you have room for staying away from edge.



I surprised myself with my dislike of Whitbarrow the first time, so was interested to check again the second time. Result? Just as uncomfortable on that ascent path, and again chose to descend a different way!

I wonder what route you took on LD-001 Richard? I have used four different routes on/off that summit, and never got wobbly on any of them!


In reply to 2E0LAE:

trying out a converted Silver Rod

I use one of these at home on 10m and it works very well.

I have an idea for a SOTA friendly copy…

Copy or remove the coil section and fit into a project box with a SO239 on one end and something to attach a wire the other. Fit a couple pieces of Velcro as straps to the back of the box so you can fasten to a fishing pole. Run a length of wire of a similar to the length of the Silver rod up the fishing pole and then trim to resonance.

Or try this one for added flexibility CQHQ: Rybakov 806 Multiband Antenna

I have all the bits for the Rybakov and will make one at some point. My Silver rod in the pocket antenna would be slightly lighter because it would not have the T-200-2 Toroid in to add to the weight.


In reply to M1EYP:

It was actually some way from the summit below Great End where you have to climb down a well-broken slab onto a narrowish ledge on the side of a ravine. There was little chance of falling in the conditions we had, but if you did, you would go a long way down. A case of too vivid an imagination I think.

73, Richard