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Lake District SOTA Weekend 18/19th May 2019 part2

OK Phil, I wont go until I see you. Look for the guy with the HB9DST cap. The strange looking guy!

I may be able to pop in after this event, not sure when however!

It seems the weather has improved for tomorrow. I will be active from my alerted summit on 2M FM and SSB.

73 Chris M0RSF

I lnow I will regret saying this tomorrow, but it seems whenever I visit the UK I bring that good California wx with me ;). See you all tomorrow night at Brookside!!!

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Early night Mark, great pub good grub, lager and wine. Good company with VPX, DST and my XYL. Early night now in bed.

See you tmw


I turned up at 9:30pm but figured everyone had a early night. I asked about tomorrow night and it’s fine but the FA cup final is on (blissfully ignorant not being a football fan). I don’t think that can be avoided realistically and the top area is TV free so we should be fine, it may have an impact on food times so just be aware!

Good luck everyone for tomorrow, stay safe, stay within your limits and I wish you lots of S2S and chaser contacts!


Just on G/LD-029 having fun on HF bit of inter G on 40m.

The shack view and shack for the morning

Waiting for some VHF s2s



Good to work you this morning from Hereford. Great photos and good to see the MTR5 in action. Best 73’s, Ian G4WTF

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Yes, well done Graeme. The early bird certainly caught the worm. Loads of QSB, but you provided the best inter-G contact on 40m for me for absolutely ages. Many thanks for the Complete. Just sorry that I cannot be up there with you all this weekend. Have fun!

73, Gerald

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3 down and not a drop of rain :grin:
Blake Fell was a lovely walk and good views (especially of all the clouds on the higher fells).
Swinside is short… and steep! Not sure I’d rush back to this one but I’ve ticked it off now.
Taxi driver is still on form (thanks to a tea stop on the way back), so looking forward to that first pint! Thanks for all the S2S de G6PJZee/P :wink:


Thanks Gerald and Ian I was shocked to make so many QSOs from that side of the Lakes, plenty of VHF S2S /chasers logged from G-LD029 and G/LD-59 today.
Knew it would be a struggle finding a freq and in some cases a summit unoccupied, the activators I heard were happy to share or hand over the freq.
The LNR MTR with the small size, low weight and a couple watts output always amazes me when you get a reply to your call.

Very enjoyable day and a big thanks to Mark M0NOM for organising the event.



I have been on some co-activations, never a co-co-co-co activation. 4 of us on LD-022 M/N6JFD, G4IPB, The guy that put this chaos together/M0NOM, and not sure if i refer to that guy on the end W6PNG or M0SNA :wink:


Amazing signal for such a small rig Graeme. Thankfully the early activation meant that the neighbours were still in bed and the noise level was lower than usual. Lots of QSB, but you were a genuine 559 with me. I was looking for others on and off during the day. I called Andy on Swinside, but my antenna would not match properly on 60m and he didn’t copy me. Pity, that would also have been a Complete. :frowning_face:

73, Gerald

Thanks for putting on 60m Andy. I gave you a call, but had a mismatch on the antenna, so the rig only put out a few watts. By the time I’d had a fiddle and coaxed some more RF out, you had called it a day. Antenna review definitely required!

73, Gerald


Despite having car troubles which meant that I could not do an activation today, I just wanted to acknowledge that I’ve had a great day.

I’m sat watching the sun go down over Windermere as I wait for the train to take me home.

I started the day by digging an old 5 element VHF yagi out of the back of the garage. I had been told that I wouldn’t have much success on 2m from my home QTH, but looking at online mapping, I saw that I have clear line of sight paths to the Lake District and Western Dales. I was pleased when I heard Lake District activators coming in on 2m FM. If only I could have mounted the beam for vertical polarisation! Anyway, in my short operating window, I worked 4 activators.

It was great to work Allan G(W)4VPX as I had done an joint activation of G/LD-052 Hutton Roof Crags with him yesterday.

I had a brain wave last night that I could maybe catch the train to Windermere to join in on the social event, and simply put, I can only say that I’ve had a great evening and met a great bunch of folks!

73, Colin


A great day today with 6 activator points, 15 S2S QSO’s resulting in 60 Chaser points and some regular and new Chasers in the log.

Many thanks for the S2S QSO’s and special thanks to Mark M0NOM for organising the event.

Where is the SOTA tour heading next? G/NP, G/SP, GW maybe. Nothing quite like a SOTA event to raise VHF activity.

73 Chris M0RSF


I’m sorry to hear that Gerald. Whilst it took less than 30 mins to climb, it wasn’t one of my favourites.
I hope you get your aerial sorted out soon. I’m hoping to be on Lords Seat tomorrow morning.

It was a great evening thanks again Mark. Good to meet so many of you


Good to meet up yesterday Chris when you were coming off Red Screes.
Currently waiting for Windermere Ferry to get across to the Coniston side of the lake.

73 Phil


Definitely need to go on a diet thanks to that photo from Jamie! @N6JFD
It was such an unusual situation - Paul M0SNA was just trying to assess where the summit was on the ascent from Grizedale Gap when I spotter Paul G4IPB’s excellently constructed dipole peaking over the next ridge. Paul and I got up there about 5 minutes after the station was constructed. He had his handheld hijacked for a S2S which I thought would be fun from four operators sharing the same handheld, but then we got an unexpected pile up - and with Paul G4PIB wanting to do HF we had to cut that short as Paul M0SNA was going to setup his slim-j a little away. As it panned out he got distracted by GHz-voodoo for a while so I have 20m a go with my own setup, and then he worked VHF some time later but by the time I got packed up it was pretty much time to leave. So apologies to the chasers.

It was the most congested I’ve ever heard 2m - what an amazing problem to have. At one point on Helvellyn we were trying to get a S2S contact with a Northern Ireland activator who was working on of the other LD activators but then two other LD activators jumped on the same frequency - neither of them could hear either of the LD/GI stations. We were getting everything on and off - but that scuppered our plans for a S2S with the GI station.

Hoping to do a decent write up shortly!.