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Lack of chasers on 3.5 MHz CW

I’ve activated two summits this spring at evening on 3.5 MHz CW.
First time I made just 2 QSOs (S5, SM) and second time 3 QSOs (S5, OK, OH).
Reverse beacon showed good signals in central Europe.
I have impression that are not enough chasers at 3.5 MHz.
GL from Alex

Hello Alex.
I didn’t see any spot from you.
I wanted to try the QSO with you but …
I should watch the reverse beacon website too.
I hope to QSO you next time, don’t forget to insert arlet.
73 QRO

There may not have been many chasers because there was a superabundance of thunderstorms!

The conditions was good. I heard many stations from EU.
Here are the spots:

I done 3 QSOs on 3.5434, then silence. I tried QSY a little, but without success.
73 Alex

D layer absorption in summer daylight is the main culprit. Have a look at the ionosonds.

David G0EVV

Chasers in Europe chase from morning till noon, at noon they eat and relax/work in the garden/go for a beer/go shopping… … Many times we see the same people coming back. If you want the 4 qso’s on 80 make sure you can selfspot into a cluster and not only sotawatch.


RBNHOLE picks and reports details from one spotting skimmer. A quick look at RBN itself might give a better picture…

Looks like your 80 metres signal was getting into DL, HA, HB, I and OE well enough, but wasn’t heard any much further away.

Yeah. Could have had something to do with it…

The lightning crashes on the lower bands that day were trying to straighten out my headphones!

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Yes, there are more factors.
In the evening are less chasers as in the morning.
My signal was enough strong just to about 500 km.
In the west europe was abundance of thunderstorms.

Next 3.5 MHz activation will be probably during the winter (or autumn)…

73 Alex

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