Laa /Thaya

Hi there!
Although everybody is preparing for trip to Friedrichshafen now, I would draw attention to an other event. There will be a similar (a bit smaller) ham radio meeting in Laa an der Thaya (Austria) next weekend. Fried is too far for me, so I have decided to ride to Laa, including activation of some OE/NO summits. To make the trip successful, we need some information.
First, (most important): Will be there anyone of SOTA people? Would be nice to say hello, and have some beers together at “gemütlicher ham abend” (as stated in the program).
Second (less important, but useful): We plan to activate NO-183 and 207 on 145 Mhz FM as well. What are the freqs of local repeaters and/or chats?
Thanks for info and CU in Laa.

In reply to HA4FY:
Janos, don’t forget (to advertise) Hungary’s greates HAM meeting BuRaBu held in Budapest at 10th - 12th June where definitely will be a SOTA meeting organised by HA5CQZ!
73: Jóska, HA5CW